December 1, 2012 – Overcoming Obstacles

VENUS INCONJUNCT JUPITER pre-dawn has us dreaming the solutions to creative problems. MOON OPPOSITE MARS, just before sunrise, gives us a stirred up and stormy energy for the morning. MOON TRINE VENUS at 5:40 am, PST offers grace amidst the storm.

JUPITER comes close to earth today–sending wisdom and good luck.

MARS INCONJUNCT JUPITER at 6:42 pm, pst gives us energy, charge and meaning all together. We can forge ahead, in spite of obstacles.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 10:55 am, pst is a dose of good communications karma and some good friendship giggle time late this December night.

May we surf these times in the knowing of how special they are. Even amidst unknown factors and strange forces passing through us, we can see the beauty unfolding in our world at this time! May we lift our attention, rising above difficulties to creative solutions.

November 30, 2012 Transition & Grace

Within this pressure to birth, change, move or reform, we have the grace of a MOON TRINE NEPTUNE just before sunrise, PST, offering us a river of spiritual connection and flow at dawn. From there we jump into the awakening cauldron of the PLUTO SQUARE URANUS.

Today we have a combination of the awakening cauldron pressure:  URANUS SQUARE PLUTO and the MOON SQUARING URANUS at 3:22 pm and OPPOSING PLUTO late tonight at 10:36 pm, pdt, and the grace of MOON TRINES with NEPTUNE and SATURN.

MOON TRINES SATURN at 7:18 pm, pst offering physical support.  We can feel the uncomfortable shift pressure of change with support. Even though we’re being squished through a transitional process that feels scary and unknown, because we can’t really see the greater forces moving these changes, we can trust the process. The planets, the earth, and the cycles that have held us this far, through growth and evolvement are still holding us, even in these times!

We can take hold of “God’s ropes,” and swing into the future, removing layers of grief, loss and separation, as we collect little particles of light. Today asks us for some awakening work meanwhile gracing us with the flow we need at this time. May we “go with the flow,” while reflecting on the changes we grow.

November 29, 2012 – Its a Marvelous Day-Night for a MOONDANCE

MOON went into the VOID at the end of the day yesterday at 5:04 pm, pst. It surfs the MOON ECLIPSE VOID all day! This is a void of completions and wrap-ups. This FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (exact yesterday morning) is allowing us to–in one way or another–wrap up all our un-met shadow pieces, and give them whatever they need in their last days before burial.

There is an opportunity–a window, for us, human beings to experience a big shift in frequency–on the 12-21-12 alignment, and beyond, as we receive a different quality of light from our galaxy. As we shift in this 26,000 year cycle, we go to the “light side.”  We’ve been on the shadow side of this larger galactic cycle.  The shift in light frequency may be so drastic that it affects our consciousness !!  This is an exciting moment to prepare for, and watch!!

Today in this preparatory and completion-filled VOID, we are re-tying threads & making communications. This is not a day to start anything new–MOON VOID periods are good for “redo’s–like a little constructive Mercury in Retrograde.

VENUS SEXTILE MARS at 2:33 pm, pdt is a dance of love between masculine and feminine. We are able to hold hands and move our feet, jumping stones and barbed wire fences as we dance. Our dance is a healing dance. Masculine and Feminine can, from the beauty of each one’s own pole, dance with the other side, in fulfillment.

Within every woman is masculine and feminine dancing, and within every man, the two poles light up and dance. We each symbolize a pole,  joining forces with other little lights, we dance. May this dance be soul-nourishing, soothing of separation, and filled with healing light.

November 28, 2012 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE

MOON SEXTILE URANUS pre dawn (PST) invites a touch of communications from an invisible world. We are made of elemental spirits and even smaller bits of conscious cellular life. All of these little living bits that make a human being are all alive and conscious. Today we can receive messages from our body and all that makes us up. We are always receiving messages from our own life.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE takes place near sunrise at 6:46 am, PST (Pacific Standard Time) This FULL MOON is in Gemini, opposite a SUN in Sagittarius shining in our higher mind. Eclipses clear out the shadow. They always bring up the darkest things that are holding us back. They will stir up places we thought we had cleared, but we had forgotten that emotions run deep and are connected through time and space. Our spiritual-emotional heart, is beyond the physical and sometimes wounds travel through lifetimes until the perfect circumstances arise for healing. This is one of those times. This lunar cycle is healing our communication part. Whatever we have inside related to others’ words and thoughts of us, or the way we speak with each other. We are learning to clear out the clutter, the bad feelings and the betrayals, filling them with new light of collaboration. We can trust each other, because we are literally part of the same human body, on the same ball of life together, rooting into the same life-giving fabric that sustains us. This lunar cycle with its eclipses, asks us to see that we are connected with our fellow humans by life itself.

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO at 8:01 am pst, is a love and power aspect. We are supported to empower our love and love our power.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER this evening at 5:04 pm expands us. This expansion is is a gift from the lunar cycle at its peak. We are flowering.

May we flower into the light of our own and others’ heart energy. We are each others’ heart-light.

November 27, 2012 – Prepare for Take-Off and Landing!

MOON is in the VOID between coming Gemini and Taurus as we rise. This MOON VOID lasts all day long, until moving into Gemini at 4:58 pm pst.

Meanwhile MARS CONJUNCTS PLUTO at 12:17 pm, pst. (Pacific Standard Time) This power aspect is awakening us to our physician within. Each one of us has our own personal place of death and rebirth. We each have a vulnerability, a weakness and feelings of coming to the end of something. We are the priests and priestesses of change for the better. We can make the paradigm shifts needed. We can make all the shifts needed. This aspect ignites us to change. We are called to move.

MOON in Gemini SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces at 5:52 pm, pst, offers us an emotional transition point. We are shifting from one emotional wave to another one.   We can leave layers of baggage at the Oceanside with this transit. The waves of life will take our baggage from us. If something is removed from us, we can be assured it may be removing baggage from our lives. Gratitude is a key.

May we fuel our gratitude amidst a cauldron of fiery manifestation energy! May we invite, invoke and follow through with what we long to do and be.