May 30, 2012 – Call for Deep Healing of Earth and Water

This week is full of surprises, tricks, magic prayers, and windows of opportunity that appear and disappear. URANUS is slowing down to station, at 2:49 am on Friday the 13th!  Uranus is the fire that fuels miracles and our authentic freedom of expression. Sometimes when Outer Planets Station, like the URANUS STATION, coming, there is a sensation of events that are “beyond our control.” These events can be anything from technological breakdowns, to earthquakes, to shake-ups and rearrangements of plans that we don’t expect.  The forces at work love us deeply and although we may be shocked by the happenings, nothings shocks the One who Witnesses. This Uranian week is a week for the spiritual witness, the intuition, the inner voice and the reception of new invention and new birth coming (even amidst the appearance of chaos).

MERCURY goes STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Saturday, (the very next day!) We’ve all heard MERCURY RETROGRADE! a million times, along with the technological scheduling “doom-gloom” about it. If we are to be Masters of this world, we must overcome this Mercury Retrograde Doom!  MERCURY RETROGRADE is MAGICAL! It is the on love, cross polination and soulfertilization.




July 10, 2012 – Fourth Quarter Shift Point

Pre-dawn, MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 1:18 am, pdt gives us a soft feminine feeling as we arise. MOON TRINE MERCURY, also pre-dawn at 3:59 am, pdt charges our morning with communications juju. MERCURY is preparing to RETROGRADE, taking us deep into a process of editing, refining, reforming and renewing our inner-child-dreams. Sometimes we feel Mercury’s Retrograde at least a week before it goes Retro. We’re within that week, MERCURY going Retrograde on Saturday.

MOON in Aries SQUARE SUN in Cancer at 6:48 pm, pdt marks the end of the THiRD QUARTER (waning light side) and the beginning of the FOURTH QUARTER (waning dark side). Today we enter our week of rest, introspection and purification. Many women bleed during this upcoming week, and often depression sets in. We can ride this deep energy inward and into deep rest. This is our time.

As we ride this Waning Moon down into the DARK of the MOON on Tuesday the 17th, we can find our “deep release” point and let go of our own attachments to order, in the face of impending chaos. In what ways do we cling to our order and how can we utilize forces of chaos to serve our creative and highest potential?  Can we witness cycles of Order to Chaos to Order to Chaos?

Chaos may be coming in different ways, as we face URANUS and MERCURY RETROGRADE, may this trickster rewire of earthly creation be filled with humor and light, new life and flight.


July 11, 2012 – Uranian Void of Course

MOON OPPOSES SATURN from Aries to Libra, pre-dawn, sending the MOON into the VOID between Uranus-laden Aries and Earth-Mama Taurus. This is a day of Uranian ALchemy on Relationships, personally and collectively. SATURN will face us with our LIMITATIONS, ushering us to PUSH THROUGH our limiting beliefs into fresh new territory.

MOON grounds in Taurus at 4:30 pm, pdt giving us more traction to move forward even amidst a chaotic and stormy sea.

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 10:09 pm, pdt, giving us a smooth dive “into the river,” of watery life that is flowing before us. There is a RIVER FLOWING VERY FAST, it is SO GREAT and SWIFT, there are those who will be afraid, they will cling to the shore. THe elders say, “Push off of the shore, into the middle of the river, see who is in there with you and CELEBRATE!”

URANUS stations to RETROGRADE between Saturday night and Friday morning. We may feel this Uranian Chaos seeping into our world. This Chaos energy, although it may feel disruptive, is highly creative and charged with new life and invention!

May the source of invention be with you~

July 12, 2012 – Collective Consciousness Shift

MOON in Taurus TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn at 8:34 am, pdt–for an Earthly Supportive aspect for grounding abundance and dreams, on a day of potential Chaos, with URANUS slowing down to STATION late late tonight.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY in the evening at 5:35 pm, pdt giving us the communications tension that sometimes comes with OUTER PLANET STATIONS, like the URANUS STATION, coming in the middle of the night at 2:49 am, pdt (late tonight). Sometimes these OUTER PLANET STATIONS cause our small human communications systems (relative to planets) to go wacky funny. If short-circuits are noticed, it is the Uranian overflow that is electrifying this night.

May the Electrified Divinity of Uranian Downloads be alive within us this night, as our Planet URANUS stations in our dreamtime.

July 13, 2012 – Friday Uranus Humor

URANUS is STATIONARY in the middle of the night at 2:49 am, pdt, having us arise in electrical witty high-energy, possibly overflowing our circuits so we may need to write, laugh, run, or do a good yoga practice to ground the wild electricity of today–first thing!

MOON is at Apogee (closest to SUN) at 9:50 am, giving us a pre-New Moon masculine feminine dose of intimacy before heading into a Uranian-Circuitry-Mending-day.

SUN in Cancer SEXTILE MOON in Taurus at 12:43 pm, pdt provides a Masculine Feminine Dance of Harmony amidst a day of Chaos and Fun!  Touch is the friend of Chaos. Everyone’s nervous system is benefitted by some gentle loving TOUCH–especially on a high-electricity day like today!

Amidst Waves of Chaos, May we Touch each other for grounding, nourishment and pleasure.