July 9, 2012 – Revolutionary Monday

This morning, MOON enters Fire Aries at 5:14 am, pdt.  MOON OPPOSITE MARS in relationship sign Libra at 11:41 am, pdt, gives us a healthy dose of inner (or outer) conflict, the kind that leads to a refiners fire. What part of self is this fiery opposition refining? This is an aspect for active and healthy leadership. If our sense of leadership, within and without is not feeling healthy, this opposition will bring a refiners fire to that area.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 5:06 pm, pdt touches Grace.  Even amidst inner or outer conflict, there is grace who arrives like the wind, in the evening.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO and CONJUNCT URANUS at 8:44 pm and 9:47 pm, takes us personally into the places where we are leading our own revolution, within and/or without. If we are not leading some form of revolution, we may experience a shock in this energetic pattern, which we are in for four years touched personally by the MOON four times each lunar cycle. Today we touch the Revolution that our world is involved with–in our way. Sometimes there is tension in a reality we meet. We can use any tension or shock to lift ourselves into healthy response and action, or healing meditation.

May the Revolutionary nature of today overthrow the “old serious guard inside,” gifting us with an ability, “not to take ourselves too seriously,” remembering our humor.


August 19, 2012 – Relaxing Fun

MOON went into the VOID yesterday at 4:26 pm, pdt, and is still in this VOID between Virgo and Libra! There are no aspects today, so there is very little tension. It is a time to relax and meditate, giving our nervous systems a break from the fast-paced energetic of these times!

MOON enters Libra at 9:45 pm, pdt–entering an intensive working place as it nears MARS and SATURN both in Libra. We are working at collaboration, partnerships and different ways of doing things. (Monday and Tuesday) Today is a day of relaxation as we prepare for a potentially busy week!

May this between-the real-worlds day–be a kind of “day out of time.”  May we drink deeply of this Sunday relaxation and peace!