January 22, 2018 – Monday

SUN SEXTILE MOON brings a beautiful harmony into the day, especially between masculine and feminine. This is especially wonderful in the crescent phase of the moon which is still a “seed-planting,” and new beginning energy rising time.

MOON SQUARE SATURN just as we wake up this morning (5:41 am) pst brings the day into a call to be EMPEROR within for each of us. Each of us has a “kingdom,” that is our world all around us. Today we need to focus, make choices, and “be the emperor of our kingdom,” we need to get rid of “extraneous,” things that are not part of the moving forward or the new cycle energy.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS is more support. Though we need to be “in charge,” and “lead,” our lives through the upcoming times of change, this is a sweet divine feminine allyship. Men with women and women with women—are in harmony and able to work together and this is a magnificent key to all of our success, a good day for collaboration, problem solving together and laying the groundwork for the changes.

January 21, 2018 – Sunday

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO taps our power center. Its one more day of MOON in Pisces, deep feeling, healing and compassionate, tapping our power center. This day calls us to know that power is not macho, power can be tender, and vulnerable and gentle.

MOON TRINE JUPITER early morning brings good luck and money. We can receive receive receive whatever we need today from morning on!

MOON TRINE MARS is action action action. If we are given action opportunities lets take them! They may bring good luck or financial wonders.

Moon goes VOID with the MOON TRINE MARS at 5:13 pm pst. This gives us an “evening off,” or an evening to go back over the week before and see what “didn’t get done correctly,” and redo it. VOID periods are not times to do anything new. They are good times to return things!

MOON enters Aries, fiery leader within, late tonight (10:27 pm pst). Tomorrow is a leadership, courage and adventure day for all of us.

January 20, 2018 – Saturday

MOON in Pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE is a jump into the waters of life, emotional or real, water is the fluid that carries us in and out of heart-break, it is our tears, and rivers, and all that lets go and releases the past down the river, becoming vulnerable and receptive to the “new waters flooding in,” as the old ones leave.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY reminds us that communications is the key to all human interaction and the step by step breath of change.

January 19, 2018 – Friday

MOON SEXTILE URANUS brings middle of the night and pre-dawn fun, funny or wackiness in dreamtime and in the “in-between-time.”

MOON SQUARE MARS can be angry or frustrated, and it is a call for action, response, shifting and being a force of nature that reponds to that which is before us with authentic consciousness and readiness to act, move and change in response. This aspect sends the moon into the VOID for a big part of the morning today: from 3:52 am pst to 12:26 pm pst. When the MOON enters Pisces of our watery nature of compassionate being. This is a good shift to have after a MOON SQUARE MARS, because it brings compassion and peace-making energy in just after a little charge or trigger—with the square. Encounter.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE makes it a good day for water sports and water talking, water praying and water loving.

SUN enters Aquarius from Capricorn today and the big light of the sun has entered the sign in which the eclipse will take place at the end of the month. The eclipse at the end of the month is a change portal for all of us. It can be volatile or scary with events that can be shocking at any point in the field of the eclipse. Most of us have one main “eclipse drama,” and usually we can tell what that is, early in the month—even before the eclipse hits, we can begin to “feel what the big shift might be,” . . . . this is a good practice to prepare for the energy shift coming.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN is a check in, one more time, to our practice and discipline. How are we treating our bodies? Are we excersizing regularly? Are we eating to take care of bones teeth and muscles?


January 18, 2018 – LOVE YOUR BODY DAY!

MARS TRINE CHIRON is an action oriented healing aspect. This is a body day. Our bodies do so much for us and it is a day to LOVE OUR BODIES!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER (4pm pst) in the afternoon is an edge of self nurturing once again, adding to our “body day.” We are called to nurture ourselves and others. We are called to give to each other and to receive from each other, the gifts of this world.