MOON is in Leo, just after the FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Cancer. And we are purging things that are of the past, old forms, and letting go of old systems for new ones.

MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN [1:51 am pst/ 2:51 am mst/ 3:51 am cst/ 4:51 am est] opens this power day with the communicator on the planet of STRUCTURE, FORM, and thoughts into form.

MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO [2:14 pm pst/ 3:14 pm mst/ 4:14 pm cst/ 5:14 pm est] is the communicator and thinker connecting directly with POWER. How are we seeing, expressing and experiencing our own Power? Can we upgrade?

SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO [6:58 am pst/ 7:58 am mst/ 8:58 am cst/ 9:58 am est] is a reset on our structured use of our power. This means all the systems, habits, beliefs and ways that we perceive and orient ourselves to our lives and have influence and ability to do that which we think we desire, and choose–this is a day to RESET and RENEW the systems and structures of power in our personal life and collective life.

This SATURN-PLUTO CONJUNCTION is a power conjunction which identifies and describes a theme of 2020, as well as completing deep work we did all throughout 2019. This is the end and beginning of our work. Its a time of systems renewal and rebirth.

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January 10, 2020 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE ; URANUS DIRECT: Shifting of unstructured power

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE takes place at 11:21 am pst/ 12:21 pm mst/ 1:21 pm cst/ 2:21 pm est] across the CANCER/CAPRICORN axis. It is a strong purification energy and a good time to be cleaning and clearing while tending the new, and gently responding to the things in our unique worlds.

Just before the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE exact point, there are mythic references that are STRONG and CLEAR like SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [7:19 am pst/ 8:19 am mst/ 9:19 am cst/ 10:19 am est] a big communications light up! and MOON TRINE NEPTUNE on jumping in our own river and “gowing and growing with the flow of life.”

The day gets exciting and we face more of the SATURN PLUTO dynamic later in the day. MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 3:43 pm pst/ 4:43 pm mst/ 5:43 pm cst/ 6:43 pm est] is a look at our structuring of the power and life force in our lives and bringing ourselves and life into question: “what is the best way to do this,” whatever we find ourselves doing.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [3:58 pm pst/ 4:58 pm mst/ 5:58 pm cst/ 6:58 pm est] is a question of our power and focus. Are we utilizing our own intent, power and focus-ability-well?

URANUS DIRECT is exact in the evening [5:48 pm pst/ 6:48 pm mst/ 7:48 pm cst/ 8:48 pm est] this is a wild, wacky, FUN, humorous kind of day–not a day to take ourselves or ANYONE personally! URANUS has DIVINE PERSPECTIVE, not HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, so take your human goggles off for a day as URANUS is changing the path before us, and going direct is the INVISIBLE WORLD and UNSTRUCTURED INSTANT MANIFESTATION kind of power! May we all envision, allow and cherish the life force that shifts before our eyes! May we be grateful for the way the “other side,” takes care of us, sometimes even in spite of ourselves, and the way THE UNIVERSE AND THE CREATOR HAVE A MYTHIC SENSE OF HUMOR. I see it and revel all the time! So much love and laugh. May it be magnificent this portal of sacred DIVINE POWER!

Author’s Note: I’m putting together the ASTROLOGY MASTERCLASS for you, off line. It will be ready soon. I was going to do it live and that did not work, I’m now putting the first module together. It is so much fun to do this. I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned over 30 years.


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January 8, 2020 – Energy Clarifying for Clear Communications

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:27 am pst/ 1:27 am mst/ 2:27 am cst/ 3:27 am est] is an energy test of vision, of surrender, and of our ability to overcome confusion and distraction, to focus on what matters most to us in an important time.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:03 am pst/ 6:03 am mst/ 7:03 am cst/ 8:03 am est] is an ability to go with our own flow and jump into our own river that we are here for, nomatter what else is going on around us. Jumping into our own river is important at this time. Communicating what we are here to communicate is an act of “going with the flow.”

MOON TRINE VENUS [2:16 pm pst/ 3:16 pm mst/ 4:16 pm cst/ 5:16 pm est] Feminine Creative energy is the secret to a good week! Venus is whispering into the ear of the Lunar Eclipse coming.

We enter the very tight ring of energy around the Lunar Eclipse now, and the Uranus DIRECT on Friday with it. as well as the influence of the MERCURY/SATURN/PLUTO planetary mythic alignment on Sunday! Its a whopper of a powerful week! Handle with your love and focus! I love you all!

Author’s Note: I am running out of time to write this blog every morning, so am needing to rearrange. Here’s the audio weekly podcast: COSMIC MEDICINE which is done weekly and a little more reliable than a daily blog for me. I think I can keep up with the weekly podcast more easily than I can the daily blog.

January 7, 2020 – Radical Everything

Yesterday was such a day, with so many aspects, that it distracted me from doing anything but being with the moment by moment energy.

Today has just one aspect: MARS INCONJUNCT URANUS [12:13 am pst/ 1:13 am mst/ 2:13 am cst/ 3:13 am est]  right from the pre-dawn hours, leaving the rest of the day instigated with energy and clear, like a clear sky on a day where a LOT is going on in the world!

FRIDAY is a very powerful day of aspects. The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is conjunct MERCURY in a strong dynamic with the SATURN PLUTO conjunction with JUPITER influencing. Many people may learn more about Extra Terrestrials on Earth, or the way that lies and truth have affected our communications and media. These areas of lies, truth, communications and rooting out deception, things hidden, being revealed–these are all afoot and a-mouth at this time.

Its a potent and creative time in the cosmos for manifestation–so handle your thoughts like a mature magician!

The times are so rich, so full, its a time to focus with a lot of firmness on protecting and cultivating that which we love most!

. . . . .

AUTHORS NOTE: I’m doing a lot of re-arranging of my business and self-employed life. As some of you know, I feed a group of animals that I support and listen to as my guides in an evolving animal management model of that is kinder and allows intact family systems and now soon to be an eco-farm of poson free food production!   I’m doing radical loving things like giving readings away on Santa Fe Circle of Giving to making the decision to ONLY GIVE READINGS through JANUARY, then focus Astrology only on TEACHING a FEW PEOPLE, and then more on other areas of business, like THE POISON FREE DIET. My passion for clean healthy food right now!

I will continue to release Cosmic Medicine–however will NOT write this blog every day. I may write it weekly or monthly or on power days. Still considering this. Because I love the daily blog so much I’m not sure yet. If you have thoughts or comments on this blog and whether you want it and how often, let me know!

COSMIC MEDICINE – The weekly weather PODCAST, coming today, will post here and on the COSMIC MEDICINE page and PodSite.

January 2, 2020 – Communications, Communications, Communications. ET Phone Home.

   MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPTER [8:41 am pst/ 9:41 am mst/ 10:41 am cst/ 11:41 am est] this morning brings a day of expanded communications. The first business day of 2020! Wooooooooooooo! Many minds are clicking all at once and all of them with leaps and bounds! Its a New Decade!

, there’s work to be done in our home-place.  The little emotional self just is not sure how it feels about all this change, communications and even the new year.

The New Year brings lots of talks with loved ones near and far. Friendships and touch-stones all check in to say “Happy New Year!” and JUPTER MERCURY are there for all that expanded fun hype of the NEW DECADE. 2010-2019 was so transitional in consciousness that it was rough on the psyche’s of a lot of us. 2020 promises more stabilization and the ability to land in partnerships of all kinds.

Partnerships of all kinds, for health, wealth, business and pleasure, partnerships will be our 2020 work, focus and saving grace. May we toast to the known and unknown PARTNERSHIPS, ALLIES and FRIENDS who carry each other through life.

SUN SQUARE MOON [6:45 pm pst/ 7:45 pm mst/ 8:45 pm cst/ 9:45 pm est] is the quarter moon, midpoint between the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on xmas and the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on January 10th.

This is the Cancer/Capricorn axis lit up by this change-ful eclipse shift energy. Home and work for all of us, and in a specific area of life for each one. the SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION of Jan 12th emphasizes the home and work transformative quality.

May we all go with the flow of the transformations and hard work before us. May it be the work our soul calls forth from us. With Soulwork, we can complete with “shadow work,” and focus on the art and purpose of our soul as PLUTO CONJUNCTS SATURN on January 12th.