August 20, 2017 – Day Before Eclipse – Final Release – Death of the Old Self

abstract-2615764_640What do we do with an “uncommon eclipse that doesn’t happen for another billion years?” What can we do with such a thing? What powers, what transfigurations? What losses? What will be found, rediscovered, or pulled out of a deeply hidden closet once we’ve lost everything else but what needs to emerge?

Eclipses are doorways and openings to the Great Mysteries : [ Death, Birth and Resurrection].  While Jesus Christ had quite a display of birth, death and resurrection–going down in the history books, eclipses are times when those great mysterious processes are open to all of us.ufo-2144977_640Each of us is offered a key of transfiguration at this time. A key to a kind of death and rebirth that is something “we’ve all been waiting for.”

What HAVE we all been waiting for? I know what I have been waiting for on some level, . . . . for an opportunity to truly be myself, to stop being afraid of everything everyone thinks, and accept myself so much that there is no pain anymore from other’s projections. I’d like to be so free, and so “me,” that I’m invincible to critique, and incorrect projection, because I’m just living such a pure divine truth, that it emanates light, resonates truth, and walks with the “keys to the kingdom” in hand.

I’m ready to enter the “Kingdom of Heaven,” meaning I am free of suffering, octagonal-pavilion-1148883_640I’m dancing in grace, and I feel I can put hands and feet in Mother Earth and celebrate her flowers, trees and creatures in joy and balanced living. I’m ready for this shift from anxiety, defensiveness, and a feeling of “never enough,” to rest. (once and for all). In its place I’m re-membering a garden of grace in my heart, filled with flowering solutions and abundant openings of seed pods at just the right time, for abundance to return, in just the right time.

As we have been crossing the desert of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO and its tests of soul, losses of material things, and shifts of perspective, even all new friends–we are coming to the end of that planetary tight spot of about five years!

This ECLIPSE is like a point of Resurrection, from the Slow Death of the old self over the last five years. The old self has been dying for a while now. This is the final day. This is a good death day–the best kind! Its the day when all that we don’t need in the new self, the New Earth self, is lost, released, and unwound from our mind, heart and spirit.

hatching-chicks-2448541_640There are often “messages,” within the mythic story of the eclipse and where is there a direct path of the eclipse passing over? A town called “Little Egypt.” What this might mean will ring a bell for anyone who might have ancient Egyptian rites of passage unfolding at this time. These are egg-breaking times of becoming the full soul expressions we were seeded as.

What can we do to be conscious about the power of this doorway of transfiguration? I’ve been considering this as I whirl around with wolves for the last week. Been thinkin on the best use of this energy as I observe it building and emerging in my field of energy awareness. . .

spirituality-303281_1280Here’s what I’ve come up with: 
Your own version of this ritual: 

Great Spirit, (insert your spiritual tradition here)–
Please take my old self. All of my fear. Every shred, as I’ve felt every pocket of fear arising even today, so in this dark, last day, purify me of my deepest most annoying fears that plague me repeatedly from my unconscious. These insidious doubts and fears, hide in secret unseen corners of my imagination. Today is a day to allow the eclipse to show us the shadows in us and others, to gently, lovingly sweep them out, seen, acknowledged and released in grace. Sometimes they need to arise for us to see “just what is clearing away.” Sometimes we need to feel the most annoying fear, just so that we can see what is clearing away in this powerful death of the old energy doorway.

portal-454462_1280May we feel the portal open: a fiery solar portal of suction, to all that is unkind, all that doubts our brilliance, all that distracts us from our mastery, may we let go of all of it as it is all sucked away! Shrrooooooop! Today !! The dark moon before the Solar Eclipse–we release all the shadow, all the fear, all the doubt, all the dust harboring little demons. Its all rising up to be cleared and seen, healed and buried, sent to the sun, and renewed in its own way in the garden of life here.

Tomorrow in the Solar Eclipse [11:30 am pdt: Monday August 21]–we give birth–to ourselves, and to a new world. What might be the mythic story that is unfolding in this transfiguration, for us and for our world. Each one has a key to transfiguration–a death and birth–a chosen release and uptake of new life.

Participating consciously is the greatest treasure of a power like this. puzzle-2046123_640Consciously walking though the time of this next two days. Walking through the transfiguration, letting go and re-membering ancient codes of honor for all of life, ancient powers that resurrect what needs resurrecting.

What can we consciously resurrect that “needs resurrecting?” What did we lose? What is deeper that we REALLY want? Where is it really? Where is its rebirth?

I’ve been watching for the nature of this ECLIPSE PORTAL and it has been shown to me that though as always there can be high levels of anxiety and losses of what was never meant to be in that way, there is grace in this portal. We can trust it. We can trust the benevolence of what is being born at the Solar Eclipse. We can allow this grace power to purify us and carry us into a new incarnation of self where we have new codes of honor.chinese-GRACENever again will we dishonor ourselves in the same ways we did before, and that will ripple out to the whole world around us. This is a point of resurrection of holy life and holy light. Where do we need this renewed light in our lives? What is the mythic story of our death and resurrection? Each of us has a beautiful cultivated soul and story. This is the time of our authentic emergence, shedding our cloaks and veils and “revealing ourselves,” bare and filled with glowing light.

Here’s the ASPECT LIST for the grace of today’s death:
MARS SEXTILE JUPITER in the morning [9:42 am pdt]. We are guided in our action. We are meant to rejoice, as we release the old world, and its old ways.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER: [8:32 pm pdt] the Leo MOON, about to eclipse the SUN tomorrow, is conspiring with the Great Planetary carrier of grace and opening, upliftment and wisdom renewed.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [8:55 pm] As the MOON (an important player in the eclipse transfiguration–conjuncts mars in the evening–the energy is at the very end of the cycle, unstable. The MARS CONJUNCTION speaks to the possibility of movement in the earth, movement within us and movement of almost everything we anchor to. Its ok to feel funny, things are MOVING! May we allow this movement and change, letting go, and letting the change flow through our earth body.

MOON TRINE SATURN [10:26 pm pdt] is a stabilizing energy–although things are moving and there could be some earth shifts, there is a stabilizing energy arising. The destruction, loss or chaos that may emerge is a precursor to a deeper foundation of a new world coming.

SUN TRINE URANUS: [11:23 pm pdt] what is the secret solar ingredient to this eclipse–using it well? Our own genius. Each of us has a personal genius. Our own genius is calling us to the plate. We are asked to participate in life with our full genius–no holding back!

. . . . . .

Azlan, your ally at a crossroads.Author’s Blessing: In this “between lives,” .  .  . “between worlds” time: May you really dig in and take this transfiguration into your core and ride it like a lion on the earth. Digging your claws deeply into what is yours to be, do and express. Dig in deeply, root into your true version of self. The one you imagine being “when we emerge from the veils,” . . . . now is the time . . . . what is the you that is emerging? I will take this day to fully let go of the things that have irritated me about me, lately and in my soul. Its time to fully let go. this day is a sacred release. Nomatter what else we are doing today–may we allow this sacred time of power today, to purify us of the old. May we pray for this tranfiguration to be gentle upon all creatures and the earth. May we all walk in grace today and from here on, into the course of time we have here, and beyond.
. . . . . .

P.S.: I can do TWO readings today in the dark of moon. If anyone needs a reading, you can use the form on this website or PM me on FB. Two readings on the day of the Solar Eclipse and new birth–if anyone feels you would like starlit guidance in this portal. I love giving readings–it is a higher version of myself when I am giving readings, the self that I honor and the self that is returning in full force and re-formed! Much Love to each one of you!

May your transfiguration be more real and complete, full of your soul, your beauty and your power, than you even thought possible! 

August 8, 2017 – Lions Gate Between Eclipses – THE LIONS MOUTH

I am calling this time(between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse : August 7, 2017, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017)“the Lion’s Mouth.”lion-2232788_640
It is–the time of year called “the Lions gate,” when the Sun crosses Leo, the Moon hits the FULL MOON in Leo (just happened on August 7th)–and Sirius Rises above the Nile–ECLIPSED!!

Lions Gate Between Eclipses = The Lions Mouth!!!
(it can be funny, and not so funny!) lion-1141303_640
This powerful Lions Gate time of human initiation and renewal: falls between two powerful eclipses–a full moon (emotionally charged, unconsciousness-clearing initiation) one and a new moon eclipse coming on August 21st.

This is a time to handle with care and consciousness–more than anything–eclipses are cosmically “open,” portals, where paying attention is ultra-important, as the fabric of life can become almost as if “slippery,” or full of extra unexpected chaos. When we “expect and pay attention as if looking in front for the chaos coming,” then we can “see our way through the extreme places of eclipse influences on weather and people,” and walk calmly through the storms. (In Taos County, we are literally having rainstorms with thunder, lightning and rainbows that follow.).

rainbow-436183_640Paying attention is of utmost importance and then secondly we need to invoke, pray, clarify, rectify, and re-name our intentions for this day, this hour, this week, this month and this life. It is good to keep our “sword of truth,” sharp, and to allow it to be sharpened and cleansed even practiced–during this time. I have learned that in some mystical way, the Divine Feminine is in charge of Eclipses. It is seemingly HER deep justice-based-RAGE, whether planet-Mama-Earth’s seeming “rage,” or the rage of women or land once raped or abused, where we may see uproars. This is the season of line drawing. It is a time of final death. It is the final death of anything that has been harrassing us, even if it is inside of our own mind.

lightning-bolt-768801_640Sometimes as the energy shifts and winds sweep through, thunder cracks, lightning strikes, and people change, plans change, and everyone decides–“lets stay closer to home today,” we can feel the elemental “between-the-world-power,” unleashed at this time by the cosmic portal of sun moon and earth in this alignment.

May we open our mouths as we can, as MERCURY is in Virgo, grounding all the chaos, cleaning up the mess with his/her detailed focus into the little things that are under the bigger things. . . . . . These tiny communications are where the keys to intelligence and wisdom are during this wobbly time. What would the Mercury in Virgo do today? 

SUN in Leo, in the Lions Gate asks us to fully BE, “Incarnating our full creative inspirations from within”, out through our mouth, our hands, and our life-giving ability to connect and relate to “our people.” (whomever those people are.)–its TIME TO FIND THEM, communicate with them, and BE with them in this shifting, chaos energy of change change change.

dolphins-2160498_640The “pods of us,” drawn together at this time are assisting us all in frequency leaps! We are leaping leaping now, from old world to new. What does this mean? I don’t know–what do you see? I will let you know what I see too, as we move through this portal here.
Blessings in the LIONS MOUTH-
This Lions Gate Portal Between Eclipses. Watch your mouth (and the mouths of others) for all that is “falling away in the eclipse.” . . . . And what are the details of the new emerging world?

ufo-2144977_640The one secretly rising out of the chaos?

. . . . . . . . . .
Blessings in this Lions Mouth Portal!
May your personal cosmic initiation be wise and clear.
. . . . . . . . . . .

Authors Note: I’m taking steps to return to my “professional astrologer self,” from my “wild wolf woman” self. I find my time giving readings fulfilling for both people. Its a deep communion of sorts, with our souls, that carries an intimacy that is like a rootedness for these times. I welcome you for a soul-based reading.

I’m learning how to individuate and integrate those two so they work better. (any suggestions welcome!) I’m available for a small number of short readings–one to three per day–so contact me for a quick reading (by donation) to make the eclipse smoother with wisdom. Much Love from the whole pack and the deep wisdom of the stars, channeled through us with consciousness. 

July 8, 2017 – Power Full Moon – PLUTO – Shadow or Soulfulness?

opportunity-396265_640This FULL moon, in Capricorn, at 17 degrees, is PLUTO’s FULL MOON, it is conjunct PLUTO. PLUTO, though elicits thoughts of all kinds of shadow material that can surface, it is truly, simply OUR POWER. Our power focused from outside of
 us or through us.

Is it possible that our greatest power of all powers is CHOICE? The possibility that we can make a choice–is a great power.  One choice can make a life or death decision. One choice can bring revolution or resolution. One choice to forgive can change a relationship, and a state of being forever.  We make small choices, each moment like what kind of attitude or perspective we will have. Larger choices are job, relationship, and home-related. If something is not working, the greatest power we have is to “choose something else.”wood-951875_640

If we are not living in a world that we approve of, love, behold as sacred, we must make the choice to rebuild it, renew it, or bring elements of the whole that we wish to see. We can choose to live somewhere that is fertile ground for the dreams we wish to see in our lives. We can choose a way of working that one day at a time, will build something sacred and worth sharing with the world.

anatomy-254120_640If we are not living in a body that feels good, we can make choices to change it with regenerative substances, and food that renews cells instead of the poisons that are handed to us “over the counter.” Our power is in conscious choice these days. And this time, this next two months it is time to be FIERCE about our CHOICE.

The next FULL MOON, 30 days from now, is a FULL MOON ECLIPSE. We have now entered the “eclipse field,” as I have come to call it. 30 days (one month) before the eclipse.) At 10 days before, July 29, we will enter the 10 day window before the eclipse–that is the most potent time of catharsis and shifting energy. This is peak life/death/phoenix time. We need to listen with our gut and intuition intently and act with precision and responsiveness, because these times are big times. They are not small times anymore. This is a very big window of power and it can kill and it can renew, depending on how much we are paying attention. This is a deep time of claiming and clearing our power in life.

door-1587863_640The key to a smooth and empowering next two months is COMMUNICATION. Clear, empowered intentionful communications with whomever we need to communicate with. We know what we need to do. This is a time to take action and communicate, communicate communicate, with Kali fire, with the sword of truth, with fierce power, quietly or loudly, whatever is appropriate to the situation.

With healthy clear communication, we can make peace out of war, save our life, or the life of another, or transform a situation from a downward to an upward spiral. We have this power, through our CHOICES, and focus of attention. We can hold attention for a spiral up, with fierce clarity, in the face of anything–and now is the time to do that.

The exact time of the FULL MOON is Saturday night July 8, [9:07 pm pdt/ 10:07 pm mdt/ 11:07 pm cdt/ 12:07 am (late night) edt]

Soon after the FULL MOON, this very FULL MOON conjuncts PLUTO for our ultimate challenge in POWER for the year. Exact Pluto conjunction: [11:05 pm pdt/ 12:05 am (late night) mdt/ 1:04 am cdt/ 2:05 pm edt] Will we overcome the challenges to our survival, life, and power? Can we be clear, can we make choices in the face of anything? Can we hold attention for an upward spiral in any situation? That is what is called for in these times! We have the POWER!

meadow-680607_640MOON is SEXTILE NEPTUNE and SQUARE JUPITER earlier in this full moon day, revealing we may feel as if we are surfing in the unknown, we may have a feeling of anxiety, that something is bubbling but we don’t know what. There is a LOT bubbling now and it is very very important that we take action and COMMUNICATE without hesitation or procrastination at this time. It is important that we hold clear intention and re-inforce our own intentions in thought, action and words to others.

smartphone-2269340_640It is important to be firm in our boundaries of “reality.” We are the creators of our reality even more when PLUTO is in the air, and that may be challenged, “even more,” at this time, so our clarity within is important, it will ripple out as needed–as we take actions and communicate. Holding a firm center of who and what we are in this world, in this life, is called for at this time. No Compromises. Compromises to our truth can be deadly at this time, so no bending our truth for another’s unbending attitude. Sometimes we need to take two steps to the side and tell another we are on a path, and they can be on their path, but not ours. Only each of us can know our own path and each path is unique. CHOOSE YOUR PATH.

With PLUTO energy around violence and deep shadow can be traded in any moment for soulfulness. If we are not “listening,” we can get into trouble. When we listen, to our deeper self, we are pure radiant milestones of
clarity for others at this insecure feeling time. Powerful actions to take and choices to make will be offered. Its good to have courage and step into and toward our challenges.

Stand Strong, and Be Clear. May we divine self hear.

Deep Blessings of Empowerment in this FULL MOON window. Charge forward into your dreams. No holding back. Full Power.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Update: Big changes are happening everywhere including here. I’m tested to stand strong as well in these times. Day by day, I too am making clear choices to spiral up. We need each other’s support at this time, and I’m available to do readings for people in exchange for donations that help to support the wolf pack. Its a good time to go for empowering win-win’s all the way around. Readings for much less than you would normally pay for a professional astrology reading, and contributions support a wolf pack–double intention for your dollars! Donate here, and send me the best times for your reading for you.

June 23, 2017 – NEW MOON NIGHT in JUNE

sky-690293_1280Most of today we are still in the last days of the old lunar cycle. The MOON still waning, down to the very very bottom. The final let go of the last lunar cycle. Outbreath.

This evening [7:31 pm pdt/ 8:31 pm mdt/ 9:31 pm cdt/ 10:31 pm edt] the MOON is NEW in Cancer. The sign of Cancer is in a Cardinal cross right now involving Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. There is a lot of outer planet support to this new moon to “get started,” get going, and do the new thing we’ve been meaning to do. If we didn’t already start, its time to get started! There is work involved, transformation and risk, even shocking decisions that change the way we focus our energy and daily tasks.

The Cancer New Moon touches Mercury and Mars right away, revealing a highly productive active lunar cycle! Moving through any frustration this cycle involves healthy communication and healthy action. We are called into movement! Action!

sky-173742_1280This is the last lunar cycle before we enter an Eclipse field. Right and good actions in this cycle, will prepare us to have a more graceful time in the eclipse shake-up rearrangement time! Already we are entering this highly volatile portal of the eclipses in August. The month before, the lunar cycle before, we begin to enter the intensive portal of eclipse change.  Our inner calls are starting to shout, the needs of our individual path and soulwork will be calling us.

These eclipses (coming) are about “shaking us” out of wrong relationships and wrong communities, wrong jobs and wrong configurations of people. We are heading toward being in “right relationship,” right community and right configuration for our future. We are in a giant shift over the last few years and still shifting. We are asked to “shake it all up,” where it isn’t working and “shake it out,” to what is more solid, what is left after the shake up?  This cycle is a preparation to shake it! Shake it! Clear the space of truth before you and “shake it!”

We are beginning to shake ourselves into right place,mothers-day-2290421_1280right time, right space. If we aren’t already there–we are going there.

his NEW MOON–the Cancer New Moon of the year, calls forth our inner mother.
Nurture, water, tender hearted care of self and others. Its time to nurture our home-space! If we are not in the right home space, this is a cycle to move to a more appropriate spot, before the shake ups come more fully!

This weekend is a power-new-moon-weekend! May we invite new energies in, let old energies go, and let the Great Mother guide us to upgrade our home situation. HAPPY NEW MOON!crescent-moon-234811_1280

June 9, 2017 – FULL MOON in Sagittarius – arrows pointing up!

animal-1853544_640. . .Anyone who ever needed a transformation, transfiguration, leap of faith, miracle, or high-minded upgrade, this is IT, it is TIME, set your sights for the stars, intentions, and visions that spiral you up the next level–this is a spiral up intention seeing time. THIS FULL MOON – Today! 

We are all grateful to see this!! . .  as ‘tis the season for us to, ‘to spiral up wayne!’

-Author’s Note:
I’m so grateful myself to see this “spiral up time,” approaching! I’ve been under much chaos, challenging my consistency and presence as a professional Astrologer! Having practiced AstrologyIMG_0121professionally for over 20 years, this area is my back of hand passionate comfort zone.

The wolves, lift me out of comfort zone and into chaos, (beloved, agreed to, welcomed chaos, loved and with love) so my mastery has been managing the mastery of Astrology WHILE tending to chaos-loving-creatures, though healthy and alive, full of delightful chaos! I’m grateful to be writing this FULL MOON blog with all of you. Its my great and ancient love, this wisdom, and its ancient star-light-filled-pathways.

leader-1969801_640This FULL MOON, in Jupiter’s sign, is with a JUPITER STATIONING to go DIRECT at almost the same time! . . . So all those “snafu’s” of the last week that felt like “Mercury Retrograde Blips that were mess-ups,” were leading us to abundance in just that area . . . . that is the area of retrograde to direct, direction changing chaos moments signing us that this is changing now, We are being lifted in just these little snafu areas! Where did you have snafu’s this last week? Expect to be lifted there!

Jupiter is here to spiral us up through OUR OWN CLEAR INTENTION. (that is an important part)–it doesn’t work without that. And with that, you may spiral up like a horse leaping in midair, the force of wind and rain, and sun at your back, and all that you need appearing from clarity to manifestation. This is the generosity of the Great Orange Planet, like a Teacher, Wayshower, Bringer of Light, we can “see the light,” and “intend our way through,” mayphoenix-2100458_640your arrows be clear so as to spiral into upliftment away from fear.

The exact time of the FULL MOON is [6:10 am pdt/ 7:10 am mdt/ 8:10 am cdt/ 9:10 am edt] Friday morning. We wake up and the moon is FULL!! What a way to begin a day, and what a day it is! This is a pheonix-like kinda day! This Full Moon is in directed, mutable FIRE. It invites directed creative launches, clear intentions to giant personal visions, and the way being revealed as to how you will go into the manifestation of your visions more fully. We are all being lifted. Each in a unique way. Great Thanks.

kerosene-lamp-1202277_640JUPITER is STATIONARY DIRECT at [7:04 am pdt/ 8:04 am mdt/ 9:04 pm cdt/ 10:04 pm edt] directly offering fuel for changing directions. This change comes from WITHIN US, however the fire of Jupiter’s light is strong,
directed, and uplifted. It wants us to shine, to re-member who we “truly are,” to be generous, direct, clear and filled with whatever we each need to thrive. This is the plight of the energies that animate us, in the universal light we live on–to fill us with inspired individual unique passion.

MARS SEXTILE VENUS [8:41 am pdt/ 9:41 am mdt/ 10:41 am cdt/ 11:41 am edt]equality-2110599_640The two forces of masculine and feminine are in a fabric of harmony. There is a helpful spirit of nourishing each other and providing
support to each other in grounded physical ways. Taurus and Cancer are kind to each other and like to eat together. This is a good time for healing past wounds, and divisions between the sexes.

rock-arch-2005875_640MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [6:19 pm pdt/ 7:19 mdt/ 8:19 cdt/ 9:19 edt] is an evening constriction, and a time that is great for FOCUS. Saturn is hanging in the fiery arrow carrying sign of Sagittarius, inviting pheonix opportunities here and there, however it requires our work, our dedication, and that we “mean it,” from the deepest of places. Saturn likes it deep. Saturn is never “a bad force,” any more than “physical form,” is a bad force. The third
dimensional world has cause and effect and certain physical laws that are the realm of Saturn, and there are many Saturn Secrets for surfing Saturn energy in grace, rather than decay. Saturn invites us to “step in,” to the places where we are responsible. It invites us to “take a stand,” for what we believe in,plums-1649316_640“even against all odds,” however with dedication and commitment. One step at a time, we reach the top of a mountain of intent. One thought at a time, one “give up,” or stepping out at a time, we decay and get sick, or feel overly limited. As we “step in and take responsibility,” abundance and sustenance, support in the third dimension follows.

[11:20 pm pdt/ 12:20 am late night mdt/ 1:20 am late night cdt/ 2:20 am late night edt] offers another kind of “bright light,” added to the “bright light up of our way,” of Jupiter.arrow-984952_640 Uranus invites miracle-making sponteneity, for us to “follow our hunches,” take leaps of faith and expect the lightning to strike in just the right place to open the windows and doors of something that needed change! With the FULL MOON light, there is a lot of tranformational power and this PHEONIX ENERGY!

Happy FULL MOON in the phoenixlovely MOONLIGHT! 

. . . . . . . . .

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