September 16, 2019 – Rockin Chiron & Uranus ; Saturn Slowing to Station Tomorrow!

MOON enters Taurus from an Aries hullabaloo the last few days. [3:31 am pdt/ 4:31 am mdt/ 5:31 am cdt/ 6:31 am edt] so the morning and day has feet in the earth as a solution for everything!

SATURN IS SLOWING DOWN, stationing late tonight in the crossing toward tomorrow at [1:47 am pdt]. In this our physical world structure maker is about to go DIRECT after a summer retrograde season!

VENUS OPPOSITE CHIRON [1:21 pm pdt/2:21 pm mdt/ 3:21 pm cdt/ 4:21 pm edt] is a healing highlight! The healing journey is s journey of self-love and deeply caring for the body as it needs our love and care to keep healing!

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [1:56 pm pdt/2:56 pm mdt/ 3:56 pm cdt/ 3:56 pm edt] is a radical sideways communications aspect of care from or with the invisible world!

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [3:31 pm pdt/ 4:31 pm mdt/ 5:31 pm cdt/ 6:31 pm edt] adds an element of us receiving the grace offered from our invisible world! It’s also still ongoing : a time of RADICAL SHIFTING from old to new!

SATURN GOING DIRECT IS A BIG SHIFT FOR ALL!! May our manifestations become more direct and tangible as we envision!

September 13th, 2019 – FRIDAY THE 13th HARVEST FULL MOON

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [7:04 am pdt/ 8:04 mdt/ 9:04 cdt/ 10:04 edt] offers a new grounded sensibility. We have new ability to root. Where do we find our grounding in big energy?

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS [8:11 am pdt/ 9:11 am mdt/ 10:11 am cdt/ 11:11 am edt] is a big conjunction of communications and art. May we all be courageous enough to communicate and live our real art! This is the expression of the language of our HEART!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [11:35 am pdt/ 12:35 am mdt/ 1:35 am cdt/ 2:35 am edt] is a home base expansion and the work involved.

SUN TRINE PLUTO [12:42 pm pdt/ 1:42 pm mdt/ 2:42 pm cdt/ 3:42 pm edt] is a creative person’s dream. Power aligned with authentic creative expression Woo Hoo!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [1:12 pm pdt/ 2:12 pm mdt/ 3:12 pm cdt/ 4:12 pm edt] is the FULL MOON opposite our Right Action. We are challenged and tested with correct action in response to change before us.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [1:43 pm pdt/ 2:43 pm mdt/ 3:33 pm cdt/ 4:33 pm edt] is a source of flow and THE BIG RIVER. There is a River flowing very fast and we are in it. May we continue to “go with the flow,” before us as it expands and water rises now.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [8:49 pm pdt/ 9:49 pm mdt/ 10:49 pm cdt/ 11:49 pm edt] offers more power for what we are doing. As we align with right actions and the forces that are here to support us, our movements and actions, feelings and needs are supported by larger forces possibly beyond our comprehension.

FULL MOON (SUN OPPOSITE MOON) takes place at [9:33 pm pdt/ 10:33 pm mdt/ 11:33 pm cdt/ 12:33 pm edt]  a peak of our creative harvest for the year. We are coming down in the Solar cycle and this is a powerful full moon of harvesting whatever we spent our time creating all year!

MARS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [10:25 pm pdt/ 11:25 pm mdt/ 12:25 am late night cdt/ 1:25 am late night edt] offers a challenge of “acting in the unknown,” and going with a flow that is already going. Right action and Going with the Flow are the directives for this time.

May we all experience the support from the invisible world at our backs as we harvest our creative endeavors for the year.
. . . . . .
Our RIGHT ACTION now is moving our pack to their new location and preparing to rescue other animals ! To support our efforts–very important right now–please click the link below and donate whatever you can and please pass the word! THe animals are counting on all of us!

September 12, 2019 – Corner of Expansion and Action: Heading for HARVEST FULL MOON Tomorrow!

MARS SQUARE JUPITER [2:06 am pdt/ 3:06 am mdt/ 4:06 am cdt/ 5:06 am edt] is a test of our ability to respond with action and expansion where needed. Squares always point to work we are needing to do. With MARS and JUPITER we are expanding and acting as our work today.

MOON enters Pisces [2:51 am pdt/ 3:51 am mdt/ 4:51 am cdt/ 5:51 am edt] heading toward our HARVEST FULL MOON in Pisces, with SUN in Virgo.  THe PIsces FULL MOON coming is a big FULL MOON with some mythic significance related to feminine beliefs and transformation.

FULL MOON takes place tomorrow at 9:33 pm pdt.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [3:27 pm pdt/ 4:27 pm mdt/ 5:27 pm cdt/ 6:27 pm edt] is an electrical aspect of potential syncronicities and guidance from the other side. Across the veils we have support we may not see, but it is there. May we connect with that support today as its here for us!

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: This is an exciting time of new forms and new things! (for us and for you!) We are in process moving animals to their new location so are calling for support for this move! Here’s a GoFundMe link you can pass along or contribute through to join our team of founding a new Animal Rescue and Sanctuary for wolf dogs and other animals!

September 11, 2019 – Free Day! NO ASPECTS!

There are no main planetary aspects today! It’s a day free of tests, free of “to dos” from the universe; perhaps a day of rest.

There is a powerful FULL MOON coming! Friday, September 13th! It’s the Harvest Full Moon and being on a FRIDAY the 13th a taboo day of truth and lies. A day of superstition and the false fear of feminine power.

In this unusual time, may we celebrate the transition from a false world of lies and illusions to a real world of care, heart and friendship between all beings!

September 10, 2019 – Big Water, Little Details

SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [12:24 am pdt/ 1:24 am mdt/ 2:24 am cdt/ 3:24 am edt] shines light on the little details that underpin the flow of life. When there is clear order, then life can flow, unhindered.  SUN is in Virgo here, detail-queen. The Neptune Opposition can feel big, can feel like a lot of water. There is a natural opposition between Neptunian piscean energy and virgoan energy. These two are details and flow. Even though the two are opposites and now opposite–they are designed to work together, like the banks and the river.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [ 2:57 am pdt/ 3:57 am mdt/ 4:57 am cdt/ 5:57 am edt] is a corner of work in the midst of change. Uranian energy invites and stirs change, while the MOON is our comfort zone, shifting.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [10:22 pm pdt/ 11:22 pm mdt/ 12:22 am late night cdt/ 1:22 am late night edt] is an expansion, from the shifting outside comfort zone, to the grace of the comfort zone expanded. This is a day to expand our comfort zone, so we can be at peace amidst shifting change.

With all the earth changes, and little disasters, hurricanes, fires and relationship combustions, we are being called to create a “comfort within,” that we can take with us anywhere! May we find comfort food in our kitchen and comfort socks on our feet, so that we take our comfort with us no matter the changes we meet!