April 19, 2018 – Miracle-Making, Death Passages, Mind Challenges, Tests of Faith

Author’s Note: Star Weather Whale apologizes for our absence during this incredible time! (the last week or so). We are back now.

I will write more about some of these shifts in future blogs–or the days they happened in “retrospect,” and as intelligent place-markers for large archetypal shifts.

On the very Uranian NEW MOON in Aries, on April 15th, Mercury also went direct that day, as well. MERCURY’s RETROGRADE cycle, though mercury has gone direct, will continue to be in an alchemical process for the three weeks after it goes direct as it travels each of those retrograded degrees, back to where it first went retro. This whole process is extremely inner-mind-higher-mind-oriented, change time. It is also a time that can “test our faith,” and ask us to hold our visions and inner truths above the often opposite reflections that can come in the face of authenticity these days.

The NEW MOON of this cycle we currently travel, began with a PLUTO SQUARE, offering gateways and openings for death and rebirth of all kinds. For each his/her own kind of gateway passage, appropriate to what and where each one is on this journey. The PLUTO energy comes in more strongly THIS WEEKEND, as PLUTO is already slowing down to STATION, on Sunday, April 22nd and [8:25 am pst]. This Stationing time – this weekend – is a DEATH/REBIRTH GATEWAY. It is a time to be vigilant, focused, and intimate with inner guidance. We want to surrender to appropriate deaths, and protect the innocent from “inappropriate-to-the-soul-or-being” threats of death, providing passages for rebirth instead.

VENUS OPPOSED JUPITER on the 16th of April–still in effect now, opening new opportunities for a more refined, creative, and affectionate way of being for each one. A Wheel of Fortune archetype.

CHIRON CHANGED SIGNS at [1:11 am pst] on April 17th. This deserves a much longer article, (coming). It moved from Pisces to Aries and this can be felt as quite a shift. More on this, simply knowing its a big shift in the area of self-healing and the larger collective healing, healing especially in areas of leadership, independence (or not), and the artemis and warrior archetypes within us all.

On CHIRON’s Sign-change-day, SATURN also STATIONED to go RETROGRADE (we often have outer planet retrograde summer seasons). This Saturn Retrograde also deserves a longer article! Its retro in its own sign of Capricorn. Here’s the Father within and all that inner work, so alchemical are those retro’s.

SUN CONJUNCT URANUS [7am] on April 18th, is an opening for miracles, and freedom from all kinds of things that are or have been “overly containing us,” especially if “inappropriate to the soul,” or higher intent of the higher self. The higher self will win during this time, so lets invite her. (him). and listen well. Miracles are afoot. We are their hands and feet.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [7:10 am pst] is a threshold of sleepiness, and a need to walk in the unknown, or work with confusion or doubt or fluidity. We are challenged to access our Neptunian work today in some way. Water anyone?

SUN enters TAURUS from fire Aries where Mercury is still retrograding. [8:12 pm pst] This shift from the retrograding fire area to the solid earth is grounding and a relief for many water and earthy types, however really for all of us.

MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO coming on April 26th. is something to prepare for. It has the most potential for violence or great miraculous powerful events that change things, shape us or history or require heroic or empowered action in response. May we be vigilant.

AUthor’s Note: 
Please check www.GoFundMe.com/WolfHeart for wolf updates. 

April 10, 2018 – So Many Feelings, May we Enjoy Embodiment


SUN SEXTILE MOON [6:11 pm pdt]  for harmony between receptive and directive, this evening.


SUN SQUARE PLUTO [9:54 pm pdt]

VENUS TRINE MARS [11:02 pm pdt] Oh how nice when VENUS trines MARS, it can feel like we line up in the stars. The planets have fun male and female align, and we all thing the world is divine.

May we bring the divine deeper into the earth plane, by aligning with each other in ways that will provide context to bring about the world we all soulfully desire. 

April 8 2018 – Moon Waning, Crossing phase, Into the Last Quarter of this creation cycle

SUN SQUARE MOON [12:17 am pdt]



MOON SQUARE URANUS [7:40 pm pdt] MOON goes into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius.

MOON enters Aquarius – leaving the void [11:50 pm pdt] late tonight.

April 7, 2018 – Personal to Local Connection

goal-3144351_640MOON SQUARE MERCURY [2:15 am pdt]  middle of the night in some places, is a moment with MERCURY RETROGRADE. We can have a personal connection with the planetary retrograde alchemical circles. These can be awkward moments of coming or going or returning or leaving.

MOON TRINE VENUS [5:10 am pdt] is grace amidst challenges. Feminine connection, divine feminine grace, emitting through us, in the midst of potential feelings of limitation due to the:  agapanthus-1524287_640MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [5:19 am pdt], as the Moon touches SATURN its a constriction and “reset” energy. Constriction at its best is “focus.”

VENUS TRINE SATURN [6:36 am pdt] is an alchemical moment of the creative intelligence, speaking with our potential limitations. What might happen? openings? A new form?

garden-gate-966108_640MOON CONJUNCT MARS [10:41 am pdt] is a passion, an instinct, an action, an honoring of the nature within us. As the MOON moves through the zodiacal wheel, we can feel the archetypal shifts that we are embodying by being human in form. This is an aspect honoring movement.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:45 pm pdt] is a smooth liquid energy that adds fluidity, or beauty, like a babbling river it can carry things: messages, money and new ways of thinking. Imagination is a form of intelligence that is connected to life. We can use imagination as a tool for being in this crazy time of death of an empire / birth of a new world.

leaf-1188098_640May our ability to “imagine,” invent, and rearrange the world as we would be more alive, in-tune, happy and integrated with nature, be more powerful than the “general doom,” that is seemingly everywhere, except in the seeds! They are sprouting! Look to the seeds!  Imagine sprouting dreams into form.
. . . . .
wolf-3158282_640Author’s Note:
We have a court date on April 11th that will determine our exact amount of time left at this current location for the wolf pack. I often get nervous when we have to move and wish I could move before the court date and feel that instead I’ve had to learn, patience and how to “sit in the fire,” for longer than I would like. I often wish I could leave a landlords property “as soon as they start bullying us off,” and often cannot leave. I’ve had to sit there when I don’t want to, and guard my animals until I find them a spot. My co-director Darrein has made it possible that someone is always there. So its one of those in between times of “sitting in the fire,” for the wolf pack. Waiting and feeling like a “sitting duck,” however humans are not as bad as we fear sometimes right? Its not so bad that I have to show up stand up for people who have animals. That we are not drug dealers or hor houses, we are a dog house and treated as “disgraceful,” in some way, and I’m finally in a place to stand up and ask for the discrimination, demonization, and attacking to be remedied. And for the landlord to be accountable for his impact for not following through on “assisting with animals,” on the larger fence, and allowing us to be there after paying a lot of money and making a lot of signed and verbal agreements, specifically ABOUT the animals. All that went out the window and I wanted to fly all of us away immediately and I’ve had to sit in this conflict with this landlord and “sit in the fire,” for a few months. I’m so ready to move I’ve got jumping beans in my pants! I sleep in my car, couch surf and bounce around, constantly speaking with property owners, and scanning craigslist. We’re honing in on several locations and still surveying and negotiating, discussing options. We have not yet landed on the ONE RIGHT next location for the [New Mexico/S. Colorado] part of the pack. Suggestions still welcome!

The part of the pack going to Maine, has a location, is waiting for transportation plans to line up! It appears we may not be able to move the pack to the next locations until the absolute last minute we are allowed to be on the current property. This is a pattern that causes stress and ptsd and I’d like to change it. I’d like to have a place to go, earier, feel more support and grace in the transition and not feel like I have to pull it out of my personal fibers of my being to make miracles and super-hero them out of disaster at the final moment. Can everyone pray for grace. that we can move every animal without stress and attack and fear everywhere? This time with the wolf pack has taught me exactly where social change on behalf of wolves and wolf packs is needed, in the wild and in our culture, which is also a kind of “wilderness,” of its own, that for the wolves is more challenging, than the real wilderness. There are more “monsters,” and shadows int he city for them than the forest. So I see through their eyes, interesting work before us as a cross-species planet. I’m researching and preparing to share information on “eco-farming,” and the roll that predators and wolves and wolf packs can play in that system.

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