December 17, 2017 – New Moon Night

girl-1909006_640The NEW MOON in Sagittarius happens late tonight [10:35 pm pst/ 11:35 pm mst/ 12: 35 am cst/ 1:35 am late night est] or rather in the crossing of the days–on the early early morning of the 18th–on the east coast.

Until then, it is a dark waning Moon, with MERCURY slowing down toward stationing, to go direct, on the 22nd. bear-2079672_640
The SUN is late in its cycle too, so energy is low and fears or insecurities can arise. (not for Bears because they are already asleep for the winter hermit time).

Until the new moon, late tonight and early tomorrow morning–its good to be like a bear and lick your paws, clean your den, take baths, light candles and allow the old year to fall down the drain like a spiral water whirl. gently. peacefully. like breath or dna spiralling toward the sun.

This is deep deep dark time of reconfiguring, meditation, release and unwinding the old preparing for the New Year!nutria-2906246_640
HAPPY NEW MOON, in the deep dark rooting “stirring underground”. Secret time of nature’s death and rebirth.

New Solar Year begins on December 21–WINTER SOLSTICE coming. 

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Note from the author:
We are in the crossing, in this crossing! . . . . “In the middle of moving and completing the fence at the same time.

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December 13, 2017 – Visionary Time Cocoon

fischer-2739115_640This time we are in is revolutionary, creative and wild in all the best ways. It pushes and pulls us with its edges of life and death that we often experience at the end of the year with planets in Scorpio.

Yet, amidst these challenges of life and death, which are no small feat, there is this opportunity for extreme break-through’s, revolutionary leaps toward the world we want, from the one that isn’t working, and the appearance of everything we don’t want, justice-2060093_640but with a veneer so thin, if we are strong, and keep our force of visionary heart-based (pure true desire-based intention, strong)–the veneer of darkness will dissolve into the force of pure intention that will cut through the veil of darkness now appearing in our world.

As Mercury Retrogrades, through December 22nd, there is extreme alchemy, returns, remembrances, and circles that are “not our normal linear day to day butterfly-332355_640threads.” There is “something else going on,” What is it? Its the subtle universal magic of life that peeks through the linear veils when Mercury is retrograde, it stops us, interrupts the linear flow of life and reminds us there is a circular spiraling paradigm shift going on here, not just a linear 3-D.

this kind of MERCURY – SUN conjunction can be so BRIGHT, so POWERFUL that it overwhelms us, or overwhelms “all the electrical systems,” . . . . its like a little wire burns out with too much power or someone “flies too close to the sun!”

Now the “day after,” the MERCURY COMBUST the SUN, sunset-2180346_640we can feel the power of the communications ignition. As the “too much” feeling come off of the bright energy, there are gifts of mind and heart that can come from this.

MERCURY will CONJUNCT VENUS in two days, so these days of Mercury transiting between SUN and VENUS are highly creative. Mercury’s retrograde motion is digging in our creative hearts and minds, revisiting old projects and redoing our creative life. There are breakthroughs available like cupcakes ! (due to Uranus’ involvement in the Mercury Venus Sun interactions in fire signs!)

The energy is low now, low in the lunar cycle, and low in the solar cycle. Its time to more toward the tying up of the threads of the old year. Its a time of rest and reflection, restoration and renewal, taking baths and making stews, lighting candles and considering our prayers for the upcoming solar year.

December 17th, (late night) 2017 is a NEW MOON in Sagittarius. [10:31 am pst/ 11:31 pm mst/ 12:31 am cst; Dec 18th/ 1:31 am est; Dec 18]. Until then, the energy is low and waning. Its time to “let go,” and rest. Reset button is this week for the changing of the solar years!

New Sun Cycle begins on Winter Solstice December 21st

Mercury goest Directo on December 22nd, to go back through those transformational conjunctions one more time!

. . . . .

much love


Star Weather Whale

December 11, 2017 – Harvest Prayer

The solar cycle comes down to its close of the year, and we are at a kind of “year end harvest time.”agriculture-1807581_640
Not EVERY year has a JUPITER CONJUNCT VESTA toward the winding down of the sun.
THIS YEAR, 2017: our year’s end has a “final harvest,” or a season of abundant sharing with one another, as if we each just tilled a fresh field that we each cultivated with the “special fruit,” that is of each of us. It is the time for the essence of “each of us,” to be shared, like fruit is by trees. We are the fruit of the earth and the heavens.

Today, VENUS, our divine feminine of expression and love, abundance and life-giving nourishment, is touching the VESTA JUPITER conjunction, which is tomorrow. (Dec. 12).

VENUS touches with a small aspect (semi-square)–VESTA–at [9:51 am pst/ 10:51 am mst/ 11:51 am cst/ 12:51 pm est] – this is a sweet feminine moment of subtle power. May we all experience this tangible grace.

VENUS contacts JUPITER in a semi-square [2:16 pm pst/ 3:16 pm mst/ 4:16 am cst/ 5:16 am est]. These contact are like “moments of prayer and expression,” preceeding tomorrows open portal of experience related to the harvest of our own heart and soul.

raspberries-2431029_640What a beautiful thing to share the harvest of ourselves at this time. May we not miss the opportunity. When called to share our essence with the world like a flower, may we each find a way, to emit a beautiful harvest to our friends and loved ones–each in our own way–we harvest our creativity, we harvest our purpose, our heart and our soul.

May we be wise, may we be whole, and may we be the incarnate expression of a lively soul.

. . . . .

Author’s Note: So happy to write a daily blog. it nourishes in all directions. I surf and live in such a better way when I know what I’m surfing! Ahhhh. Astrological connection relief! (was running around without even a little astro-calendar in hand!) Its so refreshing to feel reconnected to the starlit pathway, after a period of darkness and disconnection from it–due to moving and chaos. Oh what a relief–seeing the qualities of time!

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December 3, 2017 – FULL MOON in Gemini –

gothic-2910057_640”We cannot control the way people interpret our ideas or thoughts, but we can control the words and tones we choose to convey them. Peace is built on understanding, and wars are built on misunderstandings. Never underestimate the power of a single word, and never recklessly throw around words. One wrong word, or misinterpreted word, can change the meaning of an entire sentence – and even start a war. And one right word, or one kind word, can grant you the heavens and open doors.”    

Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

FULL MOON takes place at [7:47 am pst, 8:47 am mst, 9:47 am cst, 10:47 am est] in Gemini. Peak of conversations that take place in our lives. Peak of inner talk and outer-negotiations. This is a FULL MOON of COMMUNICATIONS. How do our communications make or break projects, situations, and the world?

How are communications changing? How do they need to change? How do we need to change our communications functions, style, awareness, and skills?

Mercury (now Retrograde), Saturn and Neptune, are directly related to the full moon and offering forces of dynamic tension, for the end of the year transitions before the bigger transition in early 2018.

christmas-motif-2938558_640NEPTUNE is SQUARE to the Full Moon axis
, meaning there is a lot going on and each of us may feel some amount of chaos, or that “going with the flow,” and “what people say they want,” (or what WE think we want)–is not the same. Balancing between “two realities,” that of what we or the people around us may want or direct, or “command,” as a result of their roll, thoughts, needs, or system they work for, and “what actually happens.” AND/OR “what the fabric of life is doing, underneath all those thoughts of people.”

Right now, this placement is in an awkward conversation between our personal selves, rising into full emotional awareness, while at the very end of the lowering Solar energy, bringing us down to resting our consciousness for the winter “reset.” Meanwhile the Mercury Retrograde adds humorous mix-ups, reversals, and circular experiences, that remind us that this place is more mysterious than we think and though it does operate in “cause and effect,” there are more and more subtle “causes,” to be aware of all the time.

moon-2933976_640Especially during MERCURY RETROGRADE, we can feel more past life threads, surfacing to be healed, rewoven, cut, or gifted.

Being a FULL MOON, the “business,” and pressure build up that can be involved in timing things with a clock, can lessen. We ride the lunar energy all the way down now, for the next two weeks, until NEW MOON  DECEMBER 17th.moon-2864663_640The Solar energy will come all the way down to its lowest point around the WINTER SOLSTICE on DECEMBER 21. This time will be a very low energy time of “stop and restart.” Revision, renewal, and a whole new year before us. A whole new cycle of creation–in the form of a “new year.”

May we all be gentle and give the gifts of compassion, care and support as we each continue to “melt down,” the “old world selves,” we thought we were, for the new world selves, which the world is calling for, even though we don’t yet know our “new selves” yet, they are coming, in response to all that pressures us to change.

May the giving up of caterpillar suits for butterflies, be easier and more graceful than we expect. May we each fly from the dense past in our own way.

. . . . . . . . .

clouds-2275897_640Author’s Note: in the middle of moving the wolf pack and there is moment by moment chaos to manage, the redoing of how we do food, the whole re-making of how the pack lives. Fence Building is an emergency right now so any donations go toward fence building and outfitting the new place for the animals, so it is a safe, contained area for them as well as for those who live nearby. Any support is called for and appreciated, anything from helping to source materials, helping to build wolf-play areas, and sending money for materials!
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November 29, 2017 – Little Deaths, Paring Down to the Inner Life

sun-2942386_640As we draw toward the last days of our solar year, the energy drops. Dark moods can erupt, the “low resource of solar energy,” at this time of year minimizes all of us down to our basics. We each are pushed by the cold, the “paring down,” of attention, time, energy and all levels of “giving and receiving light,” is lessened down to the “darkest time”–the darkest time in the “solar cycle,” that is.

Its good to track the basic cycles, for dark and light and to notice how we handle the “dark side,” versus the “light side,” of cycles. Now, we are in the deepest darkest last three weeks of the Solar Cycle we traverse each year, and yet the MOON is RISING, getting brighter and coming toward FULLness–And Full news.  Gemini calls us to speak out.  FULL MOON is on December 3rd at 11 degrees of Gemini.

secret-2681508_640The FULL NEWS will be OUT at that time. So GET READY—This is about to be a VERY WILD DECEMBER!  If you have “news,” that you need to share–for justice, or because it will save you if you will and destroy you if you don’t.

“If you bring forth what is within you,fantasy-2861107_640 what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”    
–Gospel of Thomas

book-2899636_640Author’s Note: Most of you know that recently I took on a pack of wolf-dogs and the wolf spirit mission, and it has somewhat interrupted my ability to write the daily blogs here that I used to write daily.

Preparing for the 2018 books and the year ahead, I’ve been looking ahead—and of course before I “saw January,” I was looking at DECEMBER! WOW! As with all eclipse seasons, often we begin to feel the “eclipse field,” two months before.

May we remember that as we head into the “eclipse season,”lemur-1794519_640this winter of the Eclipse of January 31st, we need to re-member to walk with MORE CARE, and the tenderness of our wisest inner elder
consciousness, and NOT LOSE SIGHT of center, guidance, right action, humility, and “listening deeply to intuition as closely and curiously as we can.”

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE on December 2nd at 29 degrees Sagittarius, retrograding over three weeks, back to 13 degrees Sagittarius. These middle degrees of fire and all signs: are called to share their truths and whatever is “within that must come out.” This
MERCURY RETROGRADE season in truth-out-sagittarius, as well as the part of us that “has something to say-sag!”–is what makes this DECEMBER so WILD and OUTSPOKEN!rodent-1559013_640What is the real story? I mean, was that a lie or the truth? And what is “the truth?” Is it someone’s perspective or is a perspective always off the truth, always subjective perspective? We each get to decide that this December as the chips are tossed on the table to be interpreted by all.

To honor MERCURY RETROGRADE just before the WINTER SOLSTICE and the changing new year, we can clear out all the “stuff of the past,” circling back to old roots, cleaning the old clutter from mind and heart.

For the three weeks after winter solstice, that Mercury is moving forward across the degrees over which it retrograded, “winding back,” re-wiring, “de” and “re” programming and on a “wild road” toward an Eclipse on the last day of January. life-863191_640
How can we prepare for rocky odd times, as we head into the month of December? How can we anchor a “center,” in the midst of whirling life around us?

In a most simple form–honoring MERCURY RETROGRADE, can become doing a “winter clear out” and re-organization, during the month of December.

TODAY–MOON is in Aries, rising in light each day, as the sun’s light lowers, our emotions are rising and solar consciousness is lowering. This is a good combination for “awesome drama!” The emotions are becoming “exposed,” by the low solar light and we may see the bottom emotions of all beings around us in the next weeks before Winter Solstice.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [3:53 pm pst/ 4:53 pm mst/ 5:53 pm cst/ 6:53 pm est] calls us all into “potentially uncomfortable at first,” truth telling–that tears off the band-aid, reveals the faces under the mask, and triggers us to say the words, and do the actions that cause “little deaths,” of anything that was not “right relationship.” These “little deaths,” push us forward, like a fresh sprout, with all its little energy garnered into a tiny focus for the leftover sunlight.

May all the little deaths, today and in the coming eclipse field, provide fresh clear space, for the “little sprout within us,” to grow toward the light, from deep underground, deep under–emotions, deep within, waning down to the secret meditative places of transformations that are ushered by attention to the within.

Its a fiery quick moon of leadership and spearheading our own inner impulses–today–Aries says, please nurture the inner self today–it has stuff to say! 

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