December 15, 2018 – VOID moon day, with Saturday Evening Sparkle

SUN SQUARE MOON [3:49 am pst/ 4:49 am mst/ 5:49 am cst/ 6:49 am est] moves us from the dark to the light waxing side of the lunar cycle. From dark to lighter emotional energy building toward the FULL MOON the morning of just after the Solar New Year touches down on December 21, Winter Solstice coming in FIVE DAYS.

This early morning square between the lights of conscious and unconscious, solar and lunar, masculine and feminine, sends the moon into the VOID.  A VOID between the end and the beginning, between Pisces and Aries, at the end of the Solar Year, coming right on down, only a few days left, emptying the sun. Ahhhhhhhhh. Deep Breath. Outbreath. Prayers for the renewal in divinity of all of life.

MOON enters Aries [4:44 pm pst/ 5:44 pm mst/ 6:44 pm cst/ 7:44 pm est]  (departing the void) for a fresh inspiring Saturday night available to all. If you are in the mood to rest until evening, then you are right in sync with the bearish time of year and the seasonal energy.

In the holy days season, these end of year weekends, can be all about gathering together and being with those we love most–even if those we love most are animals or angels or dead people, this is the time to appreciate us all! Aries brings the renewed fresh energy that inkles in the new year coming.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:48 pm pst/ 11:48 pm mst/ 12:48 am late night cst/ 1:48 am est] adds to the “twinkle,” of the late night elf-work of this time.

May all your elves within and without be busy making you new stockings for warm toes. 

December 14, 2018 – Larger Forces at Work

MOON in divinity, surrender-oriented Pisces is CONJUNCT the ultimate FLOW planet–NEPTUNE at [8:35 am pst/ 9:35 pm mst/ 10:35 am cst/ 11:35 am est] May we let go of the mind and go with the flow!

At the end of year with energy low (reflected in other tangible ways for each one)–the mind can go on overdrive-trying to make up for the lower energy. It’s important to soothe the mind. (It’s like a circling dog in a cage who can’t see outside of it)- it just needs a tender petting–it’s ok it’s the low point of the year. It’s dark and much is unseen now. However this MOON NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION can be like sinking into the gentle slow raft of life and floating down the river of life. Life is a gift and it keeps flowing! All we need to do is keep our intentions clear, trust the divine, and “go down the river!” (We can’t always see around the bend!) especially in a darker time of sun or moon cycle–now in the last few dark days of the SUN CYCLE.

The MOON cycle waxes, bringing emotional guidance to the dark solar end. Our emotional energy is our guiding node in the waning solar year; it has been catharting lately so as to be a better belly to the cauldron of life in the new year!

It’s the final last week of the year!


MOON is ALSO CONJUNCTING Action-oriented-MARS [6:19 pm pst/ 7:19 pm mst/ 8:19 pm cst/ 9:19 pm est] This is an energy vortex! With the mars and Neptune we can communicate with the divine more easily than operating our personal will.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [9:04 pm pst/ 10:04 pm mst/ 11:04 pm cst/ 12:04 am late night est] offers a personal power upgrade–or a soulful plea for our attention. Perhaps we are called to assist another. By assisting others, divinity flows through us and we get assisted to, in the river of life!

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December 13, 2018 – Sweet Stepping Down, End of Year Meditations

Eight days until the SOLAR ENERGY TURNING POINT. stepping down to the low low energy point of the year, may we be tender, supportive and bring light into the dark dark season. The light comes from within, shared with others, like candles of heart we pass around our little big flames to each other. Even in this dark time; much percolates underneath our vision and underneath the soil.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:20 am pst/ 3:20 am mst/ 4:20 am cst/ 5:20 am est] brings spontaneous unexpected appearances – moon into a NIGHT VOID.

MOON enters Pisces [4:40 am pst/5:40 am mst/ 6:40 am cst/ 7:40 am est] bringing gentle water energy.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [5:39 am pst/ 6:39 am mst/ 7:39 am cst/ 8:39 am est] is a corner of insight based on work over the last mercury retrograde we just finished.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [8:44 pm pst/ 9:44 pm mst/ 10:44 pm cst/ 11:44 pm est] adds the corner of insight ; the dark light of Jupiter that is not like the sun–but another kind of light of insight, expanding awareness potentials.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [11:31 pm pst] is a sweet gentle grounding aspect. Drinking hot tea before bed while making New Years resolutions.

Bless you all in the end of year!

December 12, 2018 – Sweet Soft End of Year Harmony

Nine days until the WINTER SOLSTICE POINT. solar energy coming down down down to the darkest darkest point. Within we feel the energy of our solar nature, waning, tend to the self, nurture, nutrition, clearing any illness that tries to come into the low points. Filling with alkalizing, releasing, salt baths, nutrition that scares the sickie boogies away.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [9:36 am pst/ 10:36 am mst/ 11:36 am cst/ 12:36 pm est] is a harmony between the two lights. As MOON waxes, in mid-winter, SUN wanes, and the two support one another. The MOON holds the secret new seeds, as the solar light of creation continues to wind down to silent renewal.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius, leaving the retrograde lessons, pains and depths behind, moving forward, heading for the deep mysterious days of the pre-solar-new-year. Mysteries abound in the dark time of year.

December 11, 2018 – oooombpa the organic but awkward work of evolution

10 days until WINTER SOLSTICE (new solar year). The solar energy comes down, emptying itself of the old year.

MOON in communiquarius SQUARE VENUS in deep cathartic Scorpio–emotional deepest one [3:01 am pst/ 4:01 am mst/ 5:01 am cst/ 6:01 am est]

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [3:38 am pst/ 4:38 am mst/ 5:38 am cst/ 6:38 am est] is potentially a communication from the unknown or with the invisible world behind the veil. Uranus is in touch with this other side, and MERCURY very in touch with this side.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [6:33 am pst/ 7:33 am mst/ 8:33 am cst/ 9:33 am est] is more expansion into the community of our future, either in our dreams, or in waking state. Community calls us, to expand into its presence, and its wisdom. Can you hear your future community calling?

Last day of MERCURY in Scorpio–unfolding from the retro-back-to-deep-water-for clearing-old-emotional-stuff–how passing for more clearing, the deepest depths of emotional pain may release now. Moving higher. . . . from the scorpio realm: deep mind, cathartic mind, emotional mind, heading for heart-light-mind-tomorrow.