January 31, 2018 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Leo for Creative Death and Rebirth

FULL MOON ECLIPSE is at 5:31 am pst, early in the morning! This is a wild time for each one of us. Each one of us has our own reason that this is a “wild ride,” where magic carpets are given then pulled from under us. We are given wings, then freefalling then given wings back sometimes in the midst of eclipses. Its good to have all of our “light-warrior gear,” and back up supplies, back up food, and back up everything for eclipse times. This is one of those days to “be prepared and ready for anything!” Change is happening. !!


MERCURY enters Aquarius 5:39 am pst, providing a little more intelligence than we had before. Each one of us has a little more genius today and for the next few weeks. From this perspective we can upgrade any science, beliefs or systems in our minds that need revision or upgrading.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS is a full feminine monty. Women are still healing from a past life occurrence we may have ALL undergone called “the inquisition,” when many women and healers were murdered through several hundred years of our history on earth. From this time, there are some karmic wounds in the feminine from the “feminine opposing the femininie,” out of fear that happened at that time. During this time, as these oppositions like MOON OPPOSITE VENUS are touched, it may activate those wounds or those awarenesses where we can heal or contribute to the mending of the “broken feminine vessel,” in the collective of humanity, especially in the “western world,” .There is a call from the feminine for healing. This FULL MOON ECILPSE is a powerful shift point in that healing journey for the collective and for all of us.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER is the last aspect of the month and the final aspect on ECLIPSE DAY! This is a call for GRACE! Each one of us can give something to someone nearby. Each one of us can make someone’s life better. I’m not sure if we will receive a natural disaster in the eclipse light this time on earth, however if we do, it will be a call for all of us to give to that place or those places, wherever they are and whomever they are, they will be calling us to give. . . . . and Giving is our God-Given-Gift that we can be. So nothing better to do than give to others in this world and this is a day for assisting others in the big drama of the opposing magnetic forces, pulling and pushing us all like ships on rocky opposing currents. We surf together today, on each others grace, so may we each become sources of the grace that is needed here now, today.