January 27, 2020 – FLOW, Abundance, Dancing with the Divine

MOON in Pisces–Its a WATER day!

This is a day for GOING WITH THE FLOW. VENUS CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE [12:00 pm pst/ 1:00 pm mst/ 2:00 pm cst/ 3:00 pm est] . This is a super pace of flow, that we may need to reach to keep up with! Or emotions may be running fluidly, as VENUS conjuncts emotional NEPTUNE while MARS adds fuel to the REVOLUTIONARY energy of SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [5:13 pm pst/ 6:13 pm mst/ 7:13 pm cst/ 8:13 pm est] offers a comfort expansion. The comfort zone is getting bigger today!

May we accept the things we cannot change and change the things we can, flowing with the river of our path.

Author’s Note:┬áThe computer wouldn’t turn on for about 12 hours! Its back on now! Wow! Computer momentary disappearance delayed COSMIC MEDICINE until tomorrow now!

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