January 10, 2020 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE ; URANUS DIRECT: Shifting of unstructured power

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE takes place at 11:21 am pst/ 12:21 pm mst/ 1:21 pm cst/ 2:21 pm est] across the CANCER/CAPRICORN axis. It is a strong purification energy and a good time to be cleaning and clearing while tending the new, and gently responding to the things in our unique worlds.

Just before the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE exact point, there are mythic references that are STRONG and CLEAR like SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [7:19 am pst/ 8:19 am mst/ 9:19 am cst/ 10:19 am est] a big communications light up! and MOON TRINE NEPTUNE on jumping in our own river and “gowing and growing with the flow of life.”

The day gets exciting and we face more of the SATURN PLUTO dynamic later in the day. MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 3:43 pm pst/ 4:43 pm mst/ 5:43 pm cst/ 6:43 pm est] is a look at our structuring of the power and life force in our lives and bringing ourselves and life into question: “what is the best way to do this,” whatever we find ourselves doing.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [3:58 pm pst/ 4:58 pm mst/ 5:58 pm cst/ 6:58 pm est] is a question of our power and focus. Are we utilizing our own intent, power and focus-ability-well?

URANUS DIRECT is exact in the evening [5:48 pm pst/ 6:48 pm mst/ 7:48 pm cst/ 8:48 pm est] this is a wild, wacky, FUN, humorous kind of day–not a day to take ourselves or ANYONE personally! URANUS has DIVINE PERSPECTIVE, not HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, so take your human goggles off for a day as URANUS is changing the path before us, and going direct is the INVISIBLE WORLD and UNSTRUCTURED INSTANT MANIFESTATION kind of power! May we all envision, allow and cherish the life force that shifts before our eyes! May we be grateful for the way the “other side,” takes care of us, sometimes even in spite of ourselves, and the way THE UNIVERSE AND THE CREATOR HAVE A MYTHIC SENSE OF HUMOR. I see it and revel all the time! So much love and laugh. May it be magnificent this portal of sacred DIVINE POWER!

Author’s Note: I’m putting together the ASTROLOGY MASTERCLASS for you, off line. It will be ready soon. I was going to do it live and that did not work, I’m now putting the first module together. It is so much fun to do this. I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned over 30 years.


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