January 8, 2020 – Energy Clarifying for Clear Communications

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:27 am pst/ 1:27 am mst/ 2:27 am cst/ 3:27 am est] is an energy test of vision, of surrender, and of our ability to overcome confusion and distraction, to focus on what matters most to us in an important time.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:03 am pst/ 6:03 am mst/ 7:03 am cst/ 8:03 am est] is an ability to go with our own flow and jump into our own river that we are here for, nomatter what else is going on around us. Jumping into our own river is important at this time. Communicating what we are here to communicate is an act of “going with the flow.”

MOON TRINE VENUS [2:16 pm pst/ 3:16 pm mst/ 4:16 pm cst/ 5:16 pm est] Feminine Creative energy is the secret to a good week! Venus is whispering into the ear of the Lunar Eclipse coming.

We enter the very tight ring of energy around the Lunar Eclipse now, and the Uranus DIRECT on Friday with it. as well as the influence of the MERCURY/SATURN/PLUTO planetary mythic alignment on Sunday! Its a whopper of a powerful week! Handle with your love and focus! I love you all!

Author’s Note: I am running out of time to write this blog every morning, so am needing to rearrange. Here’s the audio weekly podcast: COSMIC MEDICINE which is done weekly and a little more reliable than a daily blog for me. I think I can keep up with the weekly podcast more easily than I can the daily blog.