January 7, 2020 – Radical Everything

Yesterday was such a day, with so many aspects, that it distracted me from doing anything but being with the moment by moment energy.

Today has just one aspect: MARS INCONJUNCT URANUS [12:13 am pst/ 1:13 am mst/ 2:13 am cst/ 3:13 am est]  right from the pre-dawn hours, leaving the rest of the day instigated with energy and clear, like a clear sky on a day where a LOT is going on in the world!

FRIDAY is a very powerful day of aspects. The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is conjunct MERCURY in a strong dynamic with the SATURN PLUTO conjunction with JUPITER influencing. Many people may learn more about Extra Terrestrials on Earth, or the way that lies and truth have affected our communications and media. These areas of lies, truth, communications and rooting out deception, things hidden, being revealed–these are all afoot and a-mouth at this time.

Its a potent and creative time in the cosmos for manifestation–so handle your thoughts like a mature magician!

The times are so rich, so full, its a time to focus with a lot of firmness on protecting and cultivating that which we love most!

. . . . .

AUTHORS NOTE: I’m doing a lot of re-arranging of my business and self-employed life. As some of you know, I feed a group of animals that I support and listen to as my guides in an evolving animal management model of that is kinder and allows intact family systems and now soon to be an eco-farm of poson free food production!   I’m doing radical loving things like giving readings away on Santa Fe Circle of Giving to making the decision to ONLY GIVE READINGS through JANUARY, then focus Astrology only on TEACHING a FEW PEOPLE, and then more on other areas of business, like THE POISON FREE DIET. My passion for clean healthy food right now!

I will continue to release Cosmic Medicine–however will NOT write this blog every day. I may write it weekly or monthly or on power days. Still considering this. Because I love the daily blog so much I’m not sure yet. If you have thoughts or comments on this blog and whether you want it and how often, let me know!

COSMIC MEDICINE – The weekly weather PODCAST, coming today, will post here and on the COSMIC MEDICINE page and PodSite.