January 2, 2020 – Communications, Communications, Communications. ET Phone Home.

   MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPTER [8:41 am pst/ 9:41 am mst/ 10:41 am cst/ 11:41 am est] this morning brings a day of expanded communications. The first business day of 2020! Wooooooooooooo! Many minds are clicking all at once and all of them with leaps and bounds! Its a New Decade!

, there’s work to be done in our home-place.  The little emotional self just is not sure how it feels about all this change, communications and even the new year.

The New Year brings lots of talks with loved ones near and far. Friendships and touch-stones all check in to say “Happy New Year!” and JUPTER MERCURY are there for all that expanded fun hype of the NEW DECADE. 2010-2019 was so transitional in consciousness that it was rough on the psyche’s of a lot of us. 2020 promises more stabilization and the ability to land in partnerships of all kinds.

Partnerships of all kinds, for health, wealth, business and pleasure, partnerships will be our 2020 work, focus and saving grace. May we toast to the known and unknown PARTNERSHIPS, ALLIES and FRIENDS who carry each other through life.

SUN SQUARE MOON [6:45 pm pst/ 7:45 pm mst/ 8:45 pm cst/ 9:45 pm est] is the quarter moon, midpoint between the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on xmas and the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on January 10th.

This is the Cancer/Capricorn axis lit up by this change-ful eclipse shift energy. Home and work for all of us, and in a specific area of life for each one. the SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION of Jan 12th emphasizes the home and work transformative quality.

May we all go with the flow of the transformations and hard work before us. May it be the work our soul calls forth from us. With Soulwork, we can complete with “shadow work,” and focus on the art and purpose of our soul as PLUTO CONJUNCTS SATURN on January 12th.