January 1, 2020 – The Struggle for the light

Like on a forest floor, as the light comes pouring in through the tree tops, each solar year, the roots deep down under the soil, begin to all struggle and push up toward the light, it seems like a great competition to see who can get all the light and get it first. This competition is a healthy natural part of life. The race to work, the race to get to our commitments and appointments on time. The race to create a schedule for the year that will give us what we need more than last year.

The wisdom of this new era is to slow down the race, close our eyes and meditate away confusion, and the edgy reactive over-active race mentality, to allow true deeper wisdom and inner peace to lead the way. We have the ability to sit back at this time of year, at the turning, as the light is rising in the solar year and all of life is percolating toward the summer peak.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN & PLUTO [2:43 and 4:48 am pst] in a supportive aspect to the big shift of the conjunction coming. the crux point in this window of time for that tightening SATURN/PLUTO dynamic is peaking Jan. 12th just after the lunar eclipse. I call this aspect the Industry of our Dreams, meaning the work involved in bringing our soul’s purpose for being here, to full whole manifestation. This is an alchemical process with the divine ourselves and form and we each do it differently–and this is the real thing.

MOON TRINE MARS at the end of water signs. [6:13 pm pst/ 7:13 pm mst/ 8:13 pm cst/ 9:13 est] is an aspect of activity and harmony. There’s a lot to do to close out a year! MARS in Scorpio is concerned wtih the roots of power, the activity and keeping the flow going in the river of life! Its a day of harmonious action!

MOON enters a void in the transition from Pisces to Aries, late in the day, lasting through tomorrow 10:19 am pst.

MOON enters Aries by sign at 8 pm (is still VOID until the first aspect from Aries tomorrow at 10 am)

Though this is the NEW YEARS DAY of the new Calendar and Economic Tax Year of 2020, its the early rising light on a Solar New year that began on December 22nd, 2019. For the natural cycles of time, the new year was then and now we are in the early growth time. May it be a magnificent Year of collaboration with the creative forces of life!

HAPPY 2020!

Numerologically all about partnerships, allies, stabilization and working together in win win situations!