December 11, 2019 – Life’s Working Full Moon in Talking Gemini

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN [2:05 am pst/ 3:05 am mst/ 4:05 am cst/ 5:05 am est] is the Life’s Work focus inviting us to be creative in this Full Moon with how we do our life’s work in the world.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [3:54 am pst/ 4:54 am mst/ 5:54 am cst/ 6:54 am est] has a sense of humor, and so must we, especially in a FULL MOON in Gemini!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:11 pm pst/ 3:11 pm mst/ 4:11 pm cst/ 5:11 pm est] is a loving square between our inner spirit
world and the outer Great Spirit that we project out to the larger spiritual world. Our spiritual path is important enough to commit to practicing it.

SUN in Sagittarius OPPOSITE MOON in Gemini
 [9:12 pm pst/ 10:12 pm mst/ 11:12 pm cst/ 12:12 am late night est] is the HAPPIEST FULL MOON of the year, (by sign) in Gemini! Though the SATURN PLUTO tightening is a bit intense, it is simply pressuring us to do our truest deepest life’s work and to give it form! The closer or further we are from that “sweet spot” is apparent by how we do through this week–as the FULL MOON is lighting it all up with some humor, grace, and divine dialogue.

The MOON she listens while Gemini chatters in a million voices, leaves shaking rattles together, human’s mind, churning thoughts a million miles an hour. Its a truly beautiful time to be alive, in this light in our heart, and light in the sky kinda time!

. . . . .
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December 10, 2019 – Messages, Messages, Healers Messages

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [1:32 am pst/ 2:32 am mst/ 3:32 am cst/ 4:32 am est] Pre dawn we are communicating with the Mysteries of Chiron.

Chiron is called “the wounded healer,” because it is a symbolic mover of that area of sensitivity and genius that is embodied in the wounds we carry.  CHIRON IS SLOWING DOWN TO GO DIRECT, from its retrograde motion.  It changes direction on Thursday, however today’s MERCURY CHIRON TRINE, touches us into the messages of our CHIRON as it shifts to go forward.

Whether we are doing inner healing, or working with healing another, or our own healing work with the world, the CHIRON shifting direction is a nice shift to surf as it goes forward, its a natural forward motion in deep areas of “the wisdom wounded healer within.”

MOON enters Gemini [8:47 am pst/ 9:47 am mst/ 10:47 am cst/ 11:47 am est] bringing us to the sign of the Full Moon. Today is an exquisite day in the spectrum of our lives!  Here we are in peak of light, peaking tomorrow night. This is a highly creative, highly communicative time in our lives.

This cycle is focused on the structure we need for the work we love. SATURN CONJUNCTS VENUS tomorrow on FULL MOON day.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [12:43 pm pst/ 1:43 pm mst/ 2:43 pm cst/ 3:43 pm est] is a better than a full monty its a full mercury. Our mouths are full of words? full of butterflies? Full of learning to healthier with food, the truth and every choice.

In this rising light, may we feel the unfolding new systems and structures that will be supporting our ability to our souls’ work here–and honor them.  May our lips be to our soul’s work this cycle of rising light!

FULL MOON is tomorrow, Wednesday evening [9:12 pm pst/ 10:12 pm mst/ 11:12 cst/ 12:12 am late night est]

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December 9, 2019 – Exciting Full Moon Week Ahead!

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:10 am pst/ 2:20 am mst/ 3:10 am cst/ 4:10 am est] jumpstarts the day! MOON is in Taurus just having crossed Revolutionary Planet Uranus. So there’s a charge as the MOON RISES toward FULL MOON this Wednesday night.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius pre-dawn.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:20 am pst/ 7:20 am mst/ 8:20 am cst/ 9:20 am est] is a sweet supportive aspect to our dreaming river.

MOON TRINE VENUS [8:07 am pst/ 9:07 am mst/ 10:07 am cst/ 11:07 am est] brings the sweetest energy we’ve had in a long time–into our day today–for each one.

MOON TRINE SATURN [11:54 am pst/ 12:54 pm mst/ 1:54 pm cst/ 2:54 pm est] is a grounding the sweetness. This is an opportunity to bring our own Heaven onto earth. THIS WEEK! Today is the beginning of it, with these trines, connecting with the VENUS SATURN/PLUTO CONJUNCTION all coming this week. VENUS will conjunct SATURN then PLUTO.

The PLUTO-VENUS contact happens on this upcoming FRIDAY the 13th. (symbols of power).

MOON TRINE PLUTO [5:13 pm pst/ 6:13 pm mst/ 7:13 pm cst/ 8:13 pm est]  is a power aspect to signify a powerfully supportive day for all. Closing the day with more sweetness this time with power added.

This is a powerful week! May we surf it like star to earth masters.
. . . . . .
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December 8, 2019 – Earth Based Revolution

Predawn, SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE [1:00 am pst/ 2:00 am mst/ 3:00 am cst/ 4:00 am est] may be our work in a watery dreamstate, addressing ourselves in the deep ocean.

This early Sunday morning starts with dynamic energy.  MOON TRINE JUPITER [1:58 am pst/ 2:58 am mst/ 3:58 am cst/ 4:58 am est] expansion invited into the day very early. This is a good day for our spiritual practice work!

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [5:34 am pst/ 6:34 am mst/ 7:34 am cst/ 8:34 am est] is the indicator for a revolution. This is a vibrant magical energy emerging from the solid earthy realms of Taurus!

VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE [1:48 pm pst/ 2:48 pm mst/ 3:48 pm cst/ 4:48 pm est] is a sweet surrender and touching into the beauty in the world. Music, art and the love of life are moving through each of us today in this revolution in the earth Sunday.

JUPITER SQUARE CHIRON [8:27 pm pst/ 9:27 pm mst/ 10:27 pm cst/ 11:27 pm est] is a healing challenge asking us to stretch, stretch stretch, open our comfort zone and step beyond it. Its healing to stretch beyond our comfort zone. The stretch lets water and light in. All the things that create new life!

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December 7, 2019 – Work in our Personal Industriousness

This is a day with working aspects in a VOID. An unusual kind of work day. (even though its a saturday, the themes of our work and industriousness are at play)

MOON SQUARE SATURN [1:05 am pdt/ 2:05 am mst/ 3:05 am cst/ 4:05 am est] opens the day working on something important.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [7:01 am pst/ 8:01 am mst/ 9:01 am cst/ 10:01 am est] offers work that is soulwork. We are meeting the SATURN-PLUTO aspect that is coming closer and closer together until springtime.

This SATURN and PLUTO coming closer together is creating a kind of “pressure to do our right work.” This pressure increases as we come closer to the actual conjunction in the Springtime 2020.

MOON enters the VOID for the rest of the day with the MOON SQUARE PLUTO.

MOON enters Taurus at [11:29 pm pst/ 12:29 am late night mst/ 1:29 am late night cst/ 2:29 am est] for an earthy Sunday with a revolution and awakening from the earth out. (every time the MOON transits Taurus, its crossing Uranus there).