December 24, 2019 – The Best Santa

Its the last day of the lunar cycle, before a SOLAR ECLIPSE in the crossing of the year.

Here is:

The BEST SANTA” story

for you:

You are asleep on Christmas eve, (whether you are christian or not, this is mythic not Christian). I’m speaking to elemental shifts.

Santa, comes down the chimney, he brings his giant red bag, only this time, he does not bring you gifts, his bag is empty.

Instead, he begins to take from you, all your fears, your doubts about your true passions and soulwork here, he takes all the irritations and pains and sufferings of last year, he picks up the angers and unfulfilled places that weren’t met, and he stuffs them all into his big red bag until it is brimming and full with all the stuff you do not need. He then turns back toward the fireplace and with a huff and a puff, thrusts that giant bag, back up the chimney and he takes all that stuff away from you with his reindeer!

. . . . . .
 Merry Christmas to all, on the eve of the eclipse. May you allow the past to fall away as the new life of the Eclipse births in the symbol of Christed Consciousness.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:56 pm pst/ 1:56 pm mst/ 2:56 pm cst/ 3:56 pm est] our work is spiritual and christ-consciousness-related today. Neptune is in touch with this work and MOON SQUARING at the end of the cycle, before eclipse is a great purification and “let go.” of the old and what is uneeded for the new life ahead.

SUN TRINE URANUS [1:44 pm pst/ 2:44 pm mst/ 3:44 pm cst/ 4:44 pm est] is a further activation of the gentle rising solar light. Uranian energy invites genius and pure creative flash into the Sun’s early light.

This is a special time of shifting from old to new. Its highly fertile cosmic time! May you clear the space for you to release today and birth tomorrow the new consciousness within yourself, each one.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
The podcast “Cosmic Medicine,” is currently being re-engineered to include Puranjoti’s Theta Medicine, it will be here later today.

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