December 23, 2019 – Healing Expressions, Digging for Seeds, Energy Shifting

Yesterday was the first day of the returning light after Winter Solstice and the first day of Hannukah, lighting the first candle at a symbolic moment honoring the return of this light under our beings as we grow this year. These are the days where we make decisions about the intentions, desires and “seeds’ that will be planted in the etheric soil of the rebirthing cosmos that cultivates us and our lives through the next year.

SUN SQUARE CHIRON [7:17 am pst/ 8:17 am mst/ 9:17 am cst/ 10:17 am est] reminds us of the importance of our expression, connection and care for all those we love at these days in the turning of the year.

MOON enters Sagittarius [8:34 am pst/ 9:34 am mst/ 10:34 am cst/ 11:34 am est] for the celebratory fire energy just before the Christmas Eclipse. Sagittarius’ uplifting mood is perfect for holiday gatherings in this season this early part of the week.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [4:37 pm pst/ 5:37 pm mst/ 6:37 pm cst/ 7:37 pm est] is a musical aspect supporting us to further support with the music of the spheres of the cycles this year, going deep with the waning moon into our creative usherings for next year.

What are we called to plant and bring forth in our new seeds this year? What are we cultivating in the ethers with the ones we love for the year ahead.

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