December 22, 2019 – Entering the New Solar Year : Opening 2020

VENUS SQUARE URANUS [5:30 AM PST/6:30 AM MST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST] opens the day with a unique kind of heart work, awakening and adjustment.

MARS SEXTILE PLUTO [6:32 AM PST/7:32 AM MST/8:32 AM CST/9:32 AM EST] activates our superpowers for the year ahead–it’s deep seed-planting time!

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [6:32 AM PST/7:32 AM MST/8:32 AM CST/9:32 AM EST] is our ability to ally with the moving forces of life. Life carries us in its current like new seeds on a life giving river, new light returning now.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [3:51 PM PST/ 4:51 PM MST/ 5:51 PM CST/ 6:51 PM EST] Invites a harmonious relationship with our own true work. Time to set new intentions for the year ahead!


[6:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm MST/ 8:51 pm CST/ 9:51 pm EST] connecting with the SATURN PLUTO tightening aspect. This tightening is related to our ability to do the soul initiatives that we came here for!

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [7:27 PM PST/ 8:27 PM MST/9:27 PM CST/10:27 PM EST] makes for a jumpstart into the new solar energy. Mars asks for right actions even in the waning moon. Actions that cross the year.

This new solar year has the influence of deep revolutionary creativity. It is a time where we have entered a new era as of 2012. We are into the new energies just beginning to discover how they work in this new time. 2020 is a year of great personal creativity and invention.


Awesome Inner Creative and True Soulworker Blessings to you in the crossing of the year!

AUTHORS NOTE: “Cosmic Medicine,” the podcast with the energy weather for the week ahead, will arrive in Monday’s Blog, published this evening, with the astrology weather for the week ahead in this New Year, New Energy!

READINGS are available: LOOK at your year ahead and set seedlings into the etheric soil!
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