December 11, 2019 – Life’s Working Full Moon in Talking Gemini

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN [2:05 am pst/ 3:05 am mst/ 4:05 am cst/ 5:05 am est] is the Life’s Work focus inviting us to be creative in this Full Moon with how we do our life’s work in the world.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [3:54 am pst/ 4:54 am mst/ 5:54 am cst/ 6:54 am est] has a sense of humor, and so must we, especially in a FULL MOON in Gemini!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:11 pm pst/ 3:11 pm mst/ 4:11 pm cst/ 5:11 pm est] is a loving square between our inner spirit
world and the outer Great Spirit that we project out to the larger spiritual world. Our spiritual path is important enough to commit to practicing it.

SUN in Sagittarius OPPOSITE MOON in Gemini
 [9:12 pm pst/ 10:12 pm mst/ 11:12 pm cst/ 12:12 am late night est] is the HAPPIEST FULL MOON of the year, (by sign) in Gemini! Though the SATURN PLUTO tightening is a bit intense, it is simply pressuring us to do our truest deepest life’s work and to give it form! The closer or further we are from that “sweet spot” is apparent by how we do through this week–as the FULL MOON is lighting it all up with some humor, grace, and divine dialogue.

The MOON she listens while Gemini chatters in a million voices, leaves shaking rattles together, human’s mind, churning thoughts a million miles an hour. Its a truly beautiful time to be alive, in this light in our heart, and light in the sky kinda time!

. . . . .
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