December 10, 2019 – Messages, Messages, Healers Messages

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [1:32 am pst/ 2:32 am mst/ 3:32 am cst/ 4:32 am est] Pre dawn we are communicating with the Mysteries of Chiron.

Chiron is called “the wounded healer,” because it is a symbolic mover of that area of sensitivity and genius that is embodied in the wounds we carry.  CHIRON IS SLOWING DOWN TO GO DIRECT, from its retrograde motion.  It changes direction on Thursday, however today’s MERCURY CHIRON TRINE, touches us into the messages of our CHIRON as it shifts to go forward.

Whether we are doing inner healing, or working with healing another, or our own healing work with the world, the CHIRON shifting direction is a nice shift to surf as it goes forward, its a natural forward motion in deep areas of “the wisdom wounded healer within.”

MOON enters Gemini [8:47 am pst/ 9:47 am mst/ 10:47 am cst/ 11:47 am est] bringing us to the sign of the Full Moon. Today is an exquisite day in the spectrum of our lives!  Here we are in peak of light, peaking tomorrow night. This is a highly creative, highly communicative time in our lives.

This cycle is focused on the structure we need for the work we love. SATURN CONJUNCTS VENUS tomorrow on FULL MOON day.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [12:43 pm pst/ 1:43 pm mst/ 2:43 pm cst/ 3:43 pm est] is a better than a full monty its a full mercury. Our mouths are full of words? full of butterflies? Full of learning to healthier with food, the truth and every choice.

In this rising light, may we feel the unfolding new systems and structures that will be supporting our ability to our souls’ work here–and honor them.  May our lips be to our soul’s work this cycle of rising light!

FULL MOON is tomorrow, Wednesday evening [9:12 pm pst/ 10:12 pm mst/ 11:12 cst/ 12:12 am late night est]

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