December 5, 2019 – Light Rising; Creative Expansion

MOON TRINE MERCURY [12:14 am PST/ 1:14 am MST/ 2:14 am CST/ 3:14 EST PM] is a communications burst of insight late night. This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID, where it is in a morning VOID between Pisces and Aries until MOON enters Aries at [11:44 am PST/ 12:44 pm MST/ 1:44 pm CST/ 2:44 pm EST] with water to fire alchemy that is highly creative.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [1:09 pm PST/ 2:09 pm MST/ 3:09 pm CST/ 4:09 am EST] is a place where we may be asked to s t r e t c h ourselves beyond our comfort zones for our own good! Jupiter being in Saturn’s sign is offering good energy into the realm of infrastructure.

The moon is rising now toward FULL MOON on the evening of Wednesday, December 11th. This is an important FULL MOON as a time to prepare for eclipses beginning on Christmas. December 25th.

. . . 

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