December 3, 2019 – Sweet Pisces Increasing Light

MOON SEXTILE URANUS Pisces to Taurus [5:33 AM PST /6:33 AM MST 7:33 AM CST/ 8:33 AM EST] can be musical in its interconnectedness. Taurus and Pisces both enjoy music, art, beauty and healing arts–touch. This is a sweet magical sextile between our homing device connecting with our hopes dreams and divine, and receiving grace, while URANUS newly in Taurus is revolutionizing and bringing genius to the earth plane!

VENUS SEXTILE MARS [7:47 AM PST/8:37 AM MST/9:37 AM CST/10:47 AM EST] is a harmonizing force allying masculine and feminine that can be counted on for life-giving inter-relations today.

MOON TRINE MARS [6:50 PM PST/ 7:15 PM MST/8:50 PM CST/9:50 PM EST] is a sweet home and action spot. Its good if we can say: “I love my home,” . . . “I love what I do.” If we are not able to say that and feel that, its time to get busy transitioning to something more beloved.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [7:26 PM PST/8:26 PM MST/9:26 PM CST/10:26 PM EST] is a sweet feminine link between the nurturing and the creative, the older and the younger, between mother and daughter or women business partners.  Women are linked and abuzz today! Its GIVING TUESDAY and the stars are in the mood for giving too!

MOON SQUARE SUN [10:58 pm PST/11:58 PM MST/12:58 AM late night CST/1:58 AM late night EST] is the first quarter square in an important lunar cycle. This is the lunar cycle preceding the Eclipse cycle that begins with a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on Christmas. As we step into the first quarter square, the energy is rising, and we are called to take action and work on the things that are most meaningful to each of us, because we have traction at this time, in between the just passed mercury retrograde and the coming eclipses. Its time to take solid action and make solid plans while the energy is stable and able. And as are we.

. . . . .

Author’s Note: amazing how much happens in a short time! Here’s the link to our new campaign that also gives an update as to what we are up to with the wolf and animal work. May this be a fulfilling and heart-filling GIVING TUESDAY!

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