September 20, 2019 – Little Simple Pleasures and Big Shifting Collective Energy

MOON TRINE VENUS – [3:50 AM PDT/4:50 AM MDT/5:50 AM CDT/6:50 AM EDT] and parentheses brings us into a day so sweet that it may feel like it goes too fast.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:24 AM PDT 11:24 AM MDT/12:24 PM CDT/1:24 PM EDT] is a harmonious day of communications. Clear communications can bring us all kinds of benefits in a day.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [9:54 PM PDT/10:54 PM MDT 11:54 PM CDT 12:54 AM late night EDT] asks us to expand it is a part of the larger cycle of 12 years of Jupiter, meeting the cycling of the MOON, now waning toward New Moon.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [10:02 pm PDT/11:02 PM MDT/ 12:02 AM late night CDT/1:02 AM late night EDT] is a kind of test if flow. Are we tired or wired? Are we over stimulated or want more? How can we regulate our own flow?

THE FALL EQUINOX is tomorrow; which is all about BALANCING ENERGIES. This time in the SUN to MOON cycle–we are provided with the feelings and gifts that balance brings! Meanwhile we are in a seasonal shift in an epoch shift. The Equinox in time/space–is the cosmic medicine needed for disrupted or ruptured balance–in order to restore it to peace! We as creatures of life–LOVE TO BE AND FEEL IN BALANCE because it Feeeels good!

. . . .

Authors Note: I’m very excited to announce a FREE COURSE and a PAID COURSE. I have envisioned how to teach for a long time and will now begin as simply as possible. (Too many delays the more complicated the systems or structures!) These will be low admin (on both sides) tele-courses!

The Free Astrology Course is “Surfing the Stars for Sensitive People!” It begins October 3rd as Pluto is going DIRECT the day before. (Let the planets decide!)

The forward movement of SATURN (a few days ago DIRECT) and PLUTO DIRECT on October 2nd, makes for the need for a lot of focus and discipline required on all our parts to do this time well! This course meets Thursday afternoons.

The Paid Astrology Course is for Sensitive People who feel energy; who may have some or no astrology experience, however are sensitive to energies. This is a weekly time together to master the energies of each passage we may face now and up ahead.

The course is designed to aid expertise and mastery of astrology for those would like to learn to practice as an astrologer as one will gain a deeper understanding and mastery of the astrological language cycles, and energies as we humans face and express them each day! $260 per month This is paid monthly at the transition time between months. This course takes place Tuesday evenings, beginning October 1st, 2019.


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