September 12, 2019 – Corner of Expansion and Action: Heading for HARVEST FULL MOON Tomorrow!

MARS SQUARE JUPITER [2:06 am pdt/ 3:06 am mdt/ 4:06 am cdt/ 5:06 am edt] is a test of our ability to respond with action and expansion where needed. Squares always point to work we are needing to do. With MARS and JUPITER we are expanding and acting as our work today.

MOON enters Pisces [2:51 am pdt/ 3:51 am mdt/ 4:51 am cdt/ 5:51 am edt] heading toward our HARVEST FULL MOON in Pisces, with SUN in Virgo.  THe PIsces FULL MOON coming is a big FULL MOON with some mythic significance related to feminine beliefs and transformation.

FULL MOON takes place tomorrow at 9:33 pm pdt.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [3:27 pm pdt/ 4:27 pm mdt/ 5:27 pm cdt/ 6:27 pm edt] is an electrical aspect of potential syncronicities and guidance from the other side. Across the veils we have support we may not see, but it is there. May we connect with that support today as its here for us!

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: This is an exciting time of new forms and new things! (for us and for you!) We are in process moving animals to their new location so are calling for support for this move! Here’s a GoFundMe link you can pass along or contribute through to join our team of founding a new Animal Rescue and Sanctuary for wolf dogs and other animals!

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