September 10, 2019 – Big Water, Little Details

SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [12:24 am pdt/ 1:24 am mdt/ 2:24 am cdt/ 3:24 am edt] shines light on the little details that underpin the flow of life. When there is clear order, then life can flow, unhindered.  SUN is in Virgo here, detail-queen. The Neptune Opposition can feel big, can feel like a lot of water. There is a natural opposition between Neptunian piscean energy and virgoan energy. These two are details and flow. Even though the two are opposites and now opposite–they are designed to work together, like the banks and the river.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [ 2:57 am pdt/ 3:57 am mdt/ 4:57 am cdt/ 5:57 am edt] is a corner of work in the midst of change. Uranian energy invites and stirs change, while the MOON is our comfort zone, shifting.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [10:22 pm pdt/ 11:22 pm mdt/ 12:22 am late night cdt/ 1:22 am late night edt] is an expansion, from the shifting outside comfort zone, to the grace of the comfort zone expanded. This is a day to expand our comfort zone, so we can be at peace amidst shifting change.

With all the earth changes, and little disasters, hurricanes, fires and relationship combustions, we are being called to create a “comfort within,” that we can take with us anywhere! May we find comfort food in our kitchen and comfort socks on our feet, so that we take our comfort with us no matter the changes we meet!