August 30, 2019 – Roots of New Moon in Virgo with Mars n Venus; Partnerships, Teams and Tribes are Birthing that Build the new world !

NEW MOON takes place [at 3:37 am pdt/ 4:37 am mdt/ 5:37 am cdt/ 6:37 am edt] this morning in a Harvest Moon Cycle.

Just before that: MOON TRINES URANUS [3:09 pm pdt/ 4:09 pm mdt/ 5:09 pm cdt/ 6:09 pm edt] making this a Magical New Moon Day!

Just after the NEW MOON in Virgo ; the very next aspect is MOON CONJUNCT MARS [5:15 am pdt/ 6:15 am mdt/ 7:15 am cdt/ 8:15 am edt] hitting jump start, direct action, no bullshit, courageous leadership-driven new planning.

MOON COMES CLOSEST TO EARTH: just before MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [11:13 am pdt/ 12:13 pm mdt/ 1:13 pm cdt/ 2:13 pm edt] bringing sweet love to earth! There are ripples of the heart of the the earth coming up through our hearts ; calling for rooted grounded loving choices and actions. Calling us to earth-honoring partnerships.

MOON TRINE SATURN [3:14 pm pdt/ 4:14 pm mdt/ 5:14 pm cdt/ 6:14 pm edt] is a link to practical wisdom in these new alliances.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:39 pm pdt/ 5:39 pm mdt/ 6:39 pm cdt/ 7:39 pm edt] is a corner of expanded emotional intelligence. Our feelings just know, we can let them lead us into the practical steps we know to take next.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [8:35 pm pdt/ 9:35 pm mdt/ 10:35 pm cdt/ 11:35 pm] is a reminder to “jump into the river, see who is in there with you, and celebrate!”

Happy New Moon Harvest Season!

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August 27, 2019 – Waning Toward Harvest Cycle

MOON is in the VOID between Cancer and Leo, at the end of the Lions Gate lunar cycle.  This powerful self-recreating cycle and self-expression jump start and renewal is coming to a close, preparing for the next season of Harvest and transition.

This morning MOON OPPOSES PLUTO [1:55 am pdt/ 2:55 am mdt/ 3:55 am cdt/ 4:55 am edt] for a healthy closure of the past and more shadow clearing. There’s a powerful transition underway as a result of the incoming new energies of the Lion’s Gate and what they brought each of us!

MOON enters Leo later today [4:53 pm pdt/ 5:53 pm mdt/ 6:53 pm cdt 7:53 pm edt] for more receiving of the gifts of the LIONS GATE cycle. What are we receiving? What are the gifts of the sun for us this year? What are our gifts “of the sun,” the radiance we can harvest to share with others in the next season of harvest?

Tomorrow morning: MOON SQUARE URANUS [3:29 am pdt/ 4:29 am mdt/ 5:29 am cdt/ 6:29 am edt] is activating more changes. In the closing cycle, there are radical shifts to embody, and integrate. Its best to “keep it moving,” with the times!
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Author’s Note: Often around my birthday I lose the blog for a bit! I’m back now! Readings are available.

August 15, 2019 – Happy FULL MOON in Aquarius!

HAPPY FULL MOON in Aquarius!  FULL MOON is this morning at [5:29 am pdt/ 6:29 am mdt/ 7:29 am cdt/ 8:29 am edt] This light is the creative light of community and personal expression, both. To have a strong community, we need each member to be fully creatively, uniquely expressed! The community is made of everyone! Children, adults, elders, animals, plants and mushrooms!

MOON in Aquarius, now FULL OF LIGHT! is opposing all the Leo planets! For an expanded Leo and Aquarius Dance of Self and Community!

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [6:16 am pdt/ 7:16 am mdt/ 8:16 am cdt/ 9:16 am edt] pushes the intelligence of the heart to open up and express itself in response to community needs, problems and the offer of solution.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [2:15 pm pdt/ 3:15 pm mdt/ 4:15 pm cdt/ 5:15 pm edt] communications with wounds, healing, issues, solvers, healers, wounders, and choosing how to stir them all up together into the right people at the right places at the right times for wholeness and the answers to the questions matching up together.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [6:02 pm pdt/ 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt] is a full monty action filled weekend launch! This weekend has all the fullness coming of a good celebration, hobby trip, community gathering, or dance camp!  Watch the excesses of fire, and enjoy the passion of fiery community generated inspiration!

MOON goes VOID with this MOON OPPOSITE MARS aspect at [6:02 pm pdt/ 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt] for a short time this evening. A moment of rest before the weekend.

MOON enters flow-oriented Pisces
(departing the short void)[8:49 pm pdt/ 9:49 pm mdt/ 10:49 pm cdt/ 11:49 am edt] This weekend can be a “go with the flow,” expressive, community fun weekend. May we all allow ourselves to be received by the community of everything as we flow into the weekend! Celebrate individuality (leo) and community (aquarius); creativity of individuals, and the genius of many together. Sometimes it takes more than one to dance a solution in place.

Author’s Note: Hello beautiful ones! At this Leo season, its good to support your inner child, inner soul, self expression–Readings are available! I’m testing new scheduling software and its gliching. I was about to post it here. Does anyone have scheduling software suggestions. Really my primary motivation is glitch free. If its great and doesn’t work it does no good. It has to work.

August 14, 2019 – Expansion of Inspiration

MOON in Aquarius heading toward FULL MOON tomorrow morning.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [1:37 pm pdt/ 2:37 pm mdt/ 3:37 pm cdt/ 4:37 pm edt] is an air to fire expansion, elevating inspiration for all of us. Its good to live our lives off inspiration. Whatever inspires us–thats how to motivate ourselves!

May we feel and fly off our own inspiration as this SUMMER MOON waxes toward FULL tomorrow morning! We are in a peak of the light of this cycle now, waxing toward full!

FULL MOON is tomorrow morning at 5:29 am pdt/ 6:29 am mdt/ 7:29 am cdt/ 8:29 am edt]