August 30, 2019 – Roots of New Moon in Virgo with Mars n Venus; Partnerships, Teams and Tribes are Birthing that Build the new world !

NEW MOON takes place [at 3:37 am pdt/ 4:37 am mdt/ 5:37 am cdt/ 6:37 am edt] this morning in a Harvest Moon Cycle.

Just before that: MOON TRINES URANUS [3:09 pm pdt/ 4:09 pm mdt/ 5:09 pm cdt/ 6:09 pm edt] making this a Magical New Moon Day!

Just after the NEW MOON in Virgo ; the very next aspect is MOON CONJUNCT MARS [5:15 am pdt/ 6:15 am mdt/ 7:15 am cdt/ 8:15 am edt] hitting jump start, direct action, no bullshit, courageous leadership-driven new planning.

MOON COMES CLOSEST TO EARTH: just before MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [11:13 am pdt/ 12:13 pm mdt/ 1:13 pm cdt/ 2:13 pm edt] bringing sweet love to earth! There are ripples of the heart of the the earth coming up through our hearts ; calling for rooted grounded loving choices and actions. Calling us to earth-honoring partnerships.

MOON TRINE SATURN [3:14 pm pdt/ 4:14 pm mdt/ 5:14 pm cdt/ 6:14 pm edt] is a link to practical wisdom in these new alliances.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:39 pm pdt/ 5:39 pm mdt/ 6:39 pm cdt/ 7:39 pm edt] is a corner of expanded emotional intelligence. Our feelings just know, we can let them lead us into the practical steps we know to take next.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [8:35 pm pdt/ 9:35 pm mdt/ 10:35 pm cdt/ 11:35 pm] is a reminder to “jump into the river, see who is in there with you, and celebrate!”

Happy New Moon Harvest Season!

. . . .


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