August 11, 2019 – More Radical Shifting, JUPITER DIRECT, URANUS RETROGRADE

JUPITER STATIONS today to go DIRECT [6:37 am pdt/ 7:37 am mdt/ 8:37 am cdt/ 9:37 am edt] The good luck planet is moving forward now! We can expect expansions and openings toward the future.

MOON TRINE URANUS [10:37 am pdt/ 11:37 am mdt/ 12:37 pm cdt/ 1:37 pm edt] is a sweet magical aspect. Like a magic wand in our hand.

VENUS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [10:37 am pdt/ 11:37 am mdt/ 12:37 pm cdt/ 1:37 pm edt] is a strange dance of love navigating all the weird things of this world to find its own pure expression.

MERCURY enters Leo [12:46 pm pdt/ 1:46 pm mdt/ 2:46 pm cdt/ 3:46 pm edt] for more light in the area of communications.

URANUS STATIONS to go RETROGRADE [7:27 pm pdt/ 8:27 pm mdt/ 9:27 pm cdt/ 10:27 pm edt] this change happening with Jupiter going direct offers an unusual kind of expansion and breakthrough magic on the tail of the shifts of the Mercury Retrograde Eclipse month last month. There’s more breaking through happening now. The retrograde brings us back to clean up and facilitate anything from the past that was stuck. Time for everything to move!

Author’s Note: Readings are available. Lots of time just opened up! If you would like a reading. Its a good time!