August 8, 2019 – Beauty, Grace and Manifestation

Today’s EIGHT day, numerologically–is only one pointer that today is an abundant beautiful day! In the time of the lion’s attention, we are glorified in sunlight from within, and without.

MOON SQUARE MARS [2:16 am pdt/ 3:16 am mdt/ 4:16 am cdt/ 5:16 am edt] is an active attentive morning! From the start there’s an energy to work with. By “work with,” that meaning it is our work.

MOON TRINE MERCURY into a MORNING VOID [7:58 am pdt/ 8:58 am mdt/ 9:58 am cdt/ 10:58 am edt] Mercury is crossing back over its retrograded degrees, winding back, reweaving, clearing, circling from lower to higher levels in interesting thinking healing processes. As MERCURY crosses back over these degrees, there may be this occasional feeling of deja vu or pieces coming together again, that were dispersed.

VENUS TRINE JUPITER [1:27 pm pdt/ 2:27 pm mdt/ 3:27 pm cdt/ 4:27 pm edt] is a powerful self loving, universe-loving, each-other-loving, abundant aspect! We must always remember we live in a garden and are not too unlike flowers. Each a slightly different color and scent. Now blooming. This aspect is an abundant aspect of beauty and grace! Receive and breathe it deeply!

MOON enters Sagittarius, departing the morning VOID [1:45 pm pdt/ 2:45 pm mdt/ 3:45 pm cdt/ 4:45 pm edt] bringing a fiery inspired life can take off like a rocket ship now in the direction of our dreams.

May we intend, focus and ride the inspiration into manifestation. May we be good creators in this creative time. 

August 9, 2019 – Woo Hooo!

Its the fire season of summer, just before Earth and harvest, where passion and radiance is at a peak. 

VENUS INCONJUNCT SATURN [1:23 am pdt/ 2:23 am mdt/ 3:23 am cdt/ 4:23 am edt] is an aspect of disconjortion. Its ok. Love and Structure are two different areas and they don’t always speak the same language. Its ok to mediate.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [4:25 pm pdt/ 5:25 pm mdt/ 6:25 pm cdt/ 7:25 pm edt] is a home run in our own baseball game. May we hit a home run in our own way! Woo Hoo!

MOON enters Sagittarius [1:35 pm pdt/2:35 pm mdt/ 3:35 pm cdt/ 4:35 pm edt] bringing the magical good luck and passion of a grand trine in fire–a lucky one!