August 5, 2019 – Blessed Morning, Expansive Work on Power and Discipline

SUN SEXTILE MOON¬†from Leo to Libra, who enjoy each other’s fire and air, tendency toward fun [3:25 am pdt/ 4:25 am mdt/ 5:25 am cdt/ 6:25 am edt] is a sweet encounter between our expressed solar nature and receiving lunar nature–in sync, in their beautiful dance.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [5:27 am pdt/ 6:27 am mdt/ 7:27 am cdt/ 8:27 am edt] is a cosmic opening. We are the membranes of the cosmos–letting information in and out from cosmos to us, and back. Today there’s a wider pipeline there than usual! Growing heart-bigger-awareness.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7:46 am pdt/ 8:46 am mdt/ 9:46 am cdt/ 10:46 am edt] is a beautiful corner of work on our own self. What do we need to get into a better rythm with our own health and our own spirit? What commitments or disciplines can we offer and expect from this world–to support a rythm of health and wellbeing?

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [5:51 pm pdt/ 6:51 pm mdt/ 7:51 pm cdt/ 8:51 edt] is a corner of death and rebirth. A completion and a catharsis. A personal cup of tea with God, and conversation that is a place for us to work on the balance of power. Our own, and with others.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [7:26 pm pdt/ 8:26 pm mdt/ 9:26 pm cdt/ 10:26 pm edt] is an evening activation of our energy. We are alive this evening with the percolating energies of incoming light, and the work to work with our vessels (our bodies) to moderate and make practices and focuses that support our wellbeing now and walking forward.