July 20, 2019 – Surrendered Magic

MOON {in Pisces} SEXTILE URANUS {now in Taurus} -[3:16 am pdt/ 4:16 am mdt/ 5:16 am cdt/ 6:16 am edt]  this is an aspect of making new music, for all the musicians, and for each of us, whatever “making new music,” means for us in our lives!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER {in Sagittarius} [9:06 pm pdt/ 10:06 pm mdt/ 11:06 pm cdt/ 12:06 pm edt] gives us the “expansion tool,” once again. A cyclically returning tool, even within each lunar cycle–we have this tool of expansion! Its not always an easy work, however its in our hands!

May we treat our lives like exquisite musicians making music. 

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