July 19, 2019 – VOID MOON to Pisces – Tipping Point

MERCURY enters Cancer (eclipsed power sign right now)–Retrograding, from Leo. We are humbled as we turn back toward our own vulnerability, our own love of life and the humble expressions that gives.

MOON departs the slippery VOID energy and grounds into a fluid motion like the motion of a river.  MOON enters Pisces [2:19 pm pdt/ 3:19 pm mdt/ 4:19 pm cdt/ 5:19 pm edt]  a watery completion, fluid place of fullness, surrender and allowing the natural nature of where we are going to usher in the completion of the past.

From the rigid details of the mind [Moon in Aquarius] to the fluid surrendership of art, letting go of the past, ritual and divine love [Pisces]. We are completing the powerful eclipse window–[3 days after the eclipse] as we surrender and let go–one final time–of our past. Its history–officially! 

Tomorrow : we see a pre-womb-phase–as the invisible world enters the physical with a URANUS contact with the MOON.

The invisible world calls, ushering us toward new places, new people, new things, new divinely given experiences.

May we greet our new world with wisdom and co-divine creation with all the different diverse consciousness here on earth. May we allow diversity, and speak peace. May we find Soul Family and create the New Forms that heal the misuses of the past.