July 17, 2019 – Water Lilies Within

In our “inner garden,” we are more likely to sense or “feel,” the energies of the day, It can be good to rest or meditate in these windows of eclipse energy.

This lunar eclipse is a kind of cosmic weed killer, gardener, and inner landscape re-artist.

Its the most intense in the “heat and cool,” extreme of it. Between the Eclipses, and during the eclipses–are the cauldrons and the gateways where energies come and go and there is a great clearing, and a great birthing.

Today is the day after a “partial,” (more gentle) lunar eclipse portal of life and death, opening for energies to incarnate and exit, and balancing extremes by being with them.

Eclipses often offer a “window,” of experience :
4 best practices for eclipse windows: 

1. pay extra attention in consciousness/ and not take too many risks. 2. attend to our feelings, with small actions that meet small needs
3. Pay attention to subtle intuitive movements and
4. do your best to listen and follow, for “the little power leads to the big power” at a time like this.

Ancient Astrological Wisdom says: “don’t sign contracts or make important decisions or individual ego-based moves : 10 days before or 3 days after an eclipse. When we are aligned with the divine or clear intent that aligns with universal intent, large shifts can happen by forces that appear larger than our “small self,” however actions by the small self are often not as supported during eclipse portals.

There seem to be “portals,” that are tightest 3 days on either side, however making a “big splash,” that impacts a month in either direction, or even a few months in either direction (or both). Sometimes we can look back at these times and see the changes that centered in this time. (Eclipses)

In the eclipse portal: MOON enters Aquarius from Eclipsed and Finding-power-roots-Capricorn. [2:19 am pdt/ 3:19 am mdt/ 4:19 am cdt/ 5:19 am edt] now its heading into air. With grounding, with roots, and aligned with our community, we can fly. However we are still in the powerful energy altering eclipse portal, so good to be patient and handle all actions or reactions with care.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [4:39 am pdt/ 5:39 am mdt/ 6:39 am cdt/ 7:39 am edt] adds a Full Mouth Monty to the portal. Our words are power. May we handle our words with utmost care. May we speak that only which is supportive of life-giving manifestations.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:54 pm pdt/ 3:54 pm mdt/ 4:54 pm cdt/ 5:54 pm edt] is a corner of work, between the community-maker in the garden and the loner. Its good to have meditation time and engagement with community that is handled with intent and care. If the world is shaking physically–may we send prayers to any in great change or great need. May all needs that feel extreme and/or unmet, be met. 

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [10:50 pm pdt/ 11:50 pm mdt/ 12:50 am late night cdt/ 1:50 am late night edt] adds charge and even perhaps a test or challenge to the day. The best challenges we can be aware of, are inner challenges, however these can reflect in any form–with the power of eclipse portal at work–handle this with care. Keep feet and mouth close to the ground and close to the source of what we know to be movements that are (even more than “careful”)–coreful.

May the heart of life be with you as you move from your core in a day that is a rite of passage for many. May grace prevail always and may we know and see it working in our lives.