July 15, 2019 – Wild Artist Within

MOON TRINE URANUS [4:08 am pdt/ 5:08 am mdt/ 6:08 am cdt/ 7:08 am edt] She is too wild for this culture so we keep her secret. We hide her inside–this wild creative one! This untamed, un-squished version of artist self or wild self–its in there–she’s coming closer to your lips and hands today–can you give her a paintbrush, or a round of applause? A day to cultivate and support the wild one inside, the one who “knows,” how to move during the depths of change time.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [9:42 pm pdt/ 10:42 pm mdt/ 11:42 pm cdt/ 12:42 pm edt] is an activation like a “FULL VENUS,” –her wild self is called and carried, from the secret within she can move us across time with her love, passion and feminine power.