July 12, 2019 – Rising Energy of Change

MOON enters Sagittarius expanded fire, from Scorpio–the water power. [8:05 am pdt/ 9:05 am mdt/ 10:05 am cdt/ 11:05 am edt] and we are off like a flight of birds! Can we keep up with each other?

MOON TRINE MERCURY [2:32 pm pdt/ 3:32 pm mdt/ 4:32 pm cdt/ 5:32 pm edt] remembers the good things and the good people and brings them back! Mercury is retrograde and its a great time to return to the past for reconnections.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:09 pm pdt/ 10:09 pm mdt/ 11:09 pm cdt/ 12:09 pm edt] is a sweet dancing spirit. Its friday and there’s still a lot going on–but now its weekend busy-ness instead of weekday busy-ness. May it be a beauty of a dancing moving week!

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