July 11, 2019 – Oh so Much Going On!

Wow! ¬†This is one of the busiest times, planetarily–that I’ve ever seen! And we likely feel the “lot going on!” ishness of this month!

MARS TRINE CHIRON (freshly STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Monday), now going back, into our deep journeys from the past, and how they enter the present time. This aspect is an active healing aspect. Actions we take can bring things together in a way that is healing for us on levels we may not have imagined. Life is connected and interconnected in mysterious ways!

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [8:41 am pdt/ 9:41 am mdt/ 10:41 am cdt/ 11:41 am edt] brings a calm responsiveness to the million little things. We are rooted in the physical world and we can rest there.

MARS SQUARE URANUS [11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 pm edt] is an abrupt kind of corner of a call to work with the invisible world. This is a “work” aspect, in its “squareness,” that requires the physical world’s needs for action, and motion. Uranus–being the whole invisible world and the way it will cross into this world in an instant. The more connected we are to this “invisible world,” and what is going on there, the less “shocked,” we are at what “happens,” when it touches down to the physical!

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [11:28 am pdt/ 12:28 pm mdt/ 1:28 pm cdt/ 2:28 pm edt] gives us the flow of a river. Life can flow as gracefully as a river. The water flows through the banks of the river and can get going pretty fast, quickly going around rocks and flowing downstream. This aspect is supportive of our “letting go to flow downsream!”

SUN TRINE MOON in water signs. Cancer to Scorpio.¬†[12:33 pm pdt/ 1:33 pm mdt/ 2:33 pm cdt/ 3:33 pm edt] when the two lights line up in a triangle aspect. Triangles are magical. They encourage cooperation, joy and syncronicity! All we have to do is “be,” with them, without adding anything else, and we can be carried in the syncronicity that is part of a life aligned with grace.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO with moon in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, and in trine, this is a time for a lot of goodness coming to us from sources we cannot see. The eclipses are so much force, that we can see real shifting going on! This aspect adds power to it. MOON in Scorpio, is calling us to our power and asking us to use it well.