July 9, 2019 – T-Square Between Eclipses

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [2:29 am pdt/ 3:29 am mdt/ 4:29 am cdt/ 5:29 am edt] offers an expanded state of good luck with which to cross the T-SQUARE that is in this day, in which we cross from the waning dark side to the waning light side of a Full MOON Eclipse cycle coming in a week.

SUN SQUARE MOON [3:55 am pdt/ 4:55 am mdt/ 5:55 am cdt/ 6:55 am edt] is the first quarter square in this lunar cycle. The energy is rising toward the FULL MOON eclipse now.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [4:22 am pdt/ 5:22 am mdt/ 6:22 am cdt/ 7:22 am edt] is a square of responsibility. We are the ones responsible for every belief, every thing that happens is a reflection of the structure we hold inside. This is a time to refine and upgrade the structure we hold within–our beliefs–so that our life reflects in a way we like better.

SUN OPPOSITE SATURN [in the T-SQUARE)[10:07 am pdt/ 11:07 am mdt/ 12:07 pm cdt/ 1:07 pm edt] is a creative peak of incarnation. Our work is before us. Our self expression, our ability to communicate is asked to step to its responsibility.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:35 pm pdt/ 1:35 pm mdt/ 2:35 pm cdt/ 3:35 pm edt] is a corner of catharsis where our deep emotions, and our inner core knows something. This is a corner of working through limitations and a time to hold our emotions with love.