MERCURY stops to go RETROGRADE this afternoon [4:14 pm pdt/ 5:14 pm mdt/ 6:14 pm cdt/ 7:14 pm edt] making the day a funny one. Always when a planet is changing direction, we can often feel the funni’ness of it! Its good to laugh, be light hearted and patient and aware of a flexible nature that can withstand change.

Before the station, a few aspects add quality to the day. MOON SQUARE JUPITER [12:20 am pdt/ 1:20 am mdt/ 2:20 am cdt/ 3:20 am edt] is a corner of expanded beyond comfort zonishness. May we expand, expand, expand, expand as we ourselves have wanted.

MOON TRINE SATURN [2:04 am pdt/ 3:04 am mdt/ 4:04 am cdt/ 5:04 am edt] is a grounding supportive aspect. May we be grateful and work with energies of honor and discipline, planning and commitment to restore our success banks to our success river.

[4:11 am pdt/ 5:11 am mdt/ 6:11 am cdt/ 7:11 am edt] fills the banks of our river of life with water, flow and increased capacity to hold the water of our dreams and manifestation. May we go “with the flow,” of our emotional heart juices, who flow at all times.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [9:50 am pdt/ 10:50 am mdt/ 11:50 am cdt/ 12:50 pm edt] is an empowerment to our root system.
In our rootedness, our river-banks are able to hold all that is flowing.