July 6, 2019 – Grounded Bliss

MOON in a summer sextile to VENUS, is a Virgo-Earth Moon with Pleasure. [3:00 am pdt/ 4:00 am mdt/ 5:00 am cdt/ 6:00 am edt] Dawn and the greeting of the day can be as beautiful as we can imagine today.

MOON TRINE URANUS [7:24 am pdt/ 8:24 am mdt/ 9:24 am cdt/ 10:24 am edt] Virgo to Taurus is good for gardening miracles and grounded enjoyment.

MOON SEXTILE SUN [9:49 pm pdt/ 10;49 pm mdt/ 11:49 pm cdt/ 12:49 am late night edt] is another sweet spot of a day maker. May we enjoy the summer–today and everyday–and especially in the glorious energy of today.