June 18, 2019 – Grunge, Traction and Catharsis

Ooooh what an intense time arising in this Full Moon light. SATURN SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:47 am pdt/ 5:47 am mdt/ 6:47 am cdt/ 7:47 am edt] is a nice dynamic between structure and flow, organization and commitment with surrender, and fluidity.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS [9:04 am pdt/ 10:04 am mdt/ 11:04 am cdt/ 12:04 edt] is an industrial aspect for each of us. Our mind with our actions. Watch anger and frustration and look to all your right actions.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [8:53 pm pdt/ 9:53 pm mdt/ 10:53 pm cdt/ 11:53 pm edt] can be a contraction excersize. Its time to re-evaluate comittments and timing. Its time to tighten everything until we let it go like a muscular excersize.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [8:59 pm pdt/ 9:59 pm mdt/ 10:59 pm cdt/ 11:59 am edt] is offering talks with divine in preparation for the catharsis aspects coming in the next two days.

MARS is OPPOSITE PLUTO  on Wednesday evening. This is a bit catharsis aspect. Its time to BREAK THROUGH in our power and action, presence and truth-telling.

June 17, 2019 – FULL MOON in Sagittarius

SUN OPPOSITE MOON [1:31 am pdt/ 2:31 am mdt/ 3:31 am cdt/ 4:31 am edt] is a full moon that calls forth our personality, our brothers n’ sisters-ness. We are called to be good soul family. Good sisters n brothers and to remember “we are all in this together,” in a bigger picture. We all have our “little stories,” our little triggers, little issues, and “little ego’s,” and yet, on a larger, level, we are ONE race, ONE HUMANITY, and WE ARE “in this together.”

This is the Full Moon to re-member our Soul-Family!

This FULL MOON aspect sends the lunar cycle path into the VOID until
[9:13 am pdt/ 10:13 am mdt/ 11:13 am cdt/ 12:13 pm edt] when the MOON moves into Capricorn.  After the fire of inspiration, comes the earth of manifestation.

MOON TRINE URANUS [7:29 pm pdt/ 8:29 pm mdt/ 9:29 pm cdt/ 10:29 pm edt] brings magic into the air, into the grounding Taurian realm where Uranus is residing, from the grounded Capricornian realm–there is a magical link.

May we re-member we are linked with all that we need here, to do what we came to do, what we are here to do, what manifestations we are here to participate with. Its all here.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:  
I’ve returned to intense focus on animal work. I had all of June written and I was not at the computer enough to get it up online! Oh my! I’m sorry to all of you who like to read SWW. I am so busy with the wolves, out in nature a lot looking for lost Magnolia–we’ve found her area! Also working toward the new location where there will be mixed species relations. I’m back now to bring you the FULL MOON–I could not miss that! I’ll get the rest of the month up and July’s eclipses are coming!

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June 2, 2019 – Creative Acts of Small Power

MOON enters Gemini [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt] for uplifting light shining from within, even in a waning moon, at the end of the cycle.

VENUS TRINE PLUTO [8:42 pm pdt/ 9:42 pm mdt/ 10:42 am cdt/ 11:42 am edt] is a powerful trine between our heart expressor and power expressor. Small acts of power, creative completions and in general Pluto’s best side is available today!

May we honor the simple powers we have in the world with small creative acts of power.