April 8-14 Week at a Glance – Prepare for Flight

The theme of this lunar cycle is hard work, touched by divine grace. There is a Saturn Pluto theme of focusing our intent and our power at its tested state of climbing the mountain of “overcoming limitations.” Meanwhile, this week, there is a theme of Divine Flow, Divine events that may intercept our limited old expectations. Once we work, focus and discipline the best we can, then the divine follows with grace, and we can receive it. We can call ourselves to allow expansion beyond these old limited outdated expectations, into more divine grace, as the season continues to open in light.

MONDAY and TUESDAY are the last two days of the ALL PLANETS DIRECT beginning of this year. (Mercury Retrograde in Pisces brought us into the reflection of our spiritual path, spiritual home and true spiritual practice).

TUESDAY–NEPTUNE SQUARES the MOON as we may feel “at odds,” with divine expansion. Meanwhile VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE offers an abundant opening, filled with light, color creative flow and feminine grace flowing in.Can we open, receive, allow the divine to flow in?

WEDNESDAY:  MOON is VOID today, most of the day, echoing the RETROGRADE SLIPPERY STATE OF becoming.  Moon transitions from Gemini to Cancer. This combination is bringing a strange between the worlds kinda day, as Jupiter stations to go RETROGRADE, being the completion of the direct motion season.Now we begin a review of our gifts, grace, abundance, and how we receive it. Its time to go back and thank, re-member our gifts and share our stories as this JUPITER RETROGRADES in home sign Sagittarius.

 Baths, cooking and home body nutrition is brought by the Cancer MOON. If you feel weird tend to your inner home at home. The Mercury retrograde, of March, still unwinding, now forward, touches the JUPITER going retrograde, freshly–in a SQUARE. What is the work of our encircling spiritual awakening this spring?  There’s a mystery in this day–what is unfolding as the MOON waxes toward FIRST QUARTER SQUARE on FRIDAY.

FRIDAY: is another busy day like Sunday was, with so much happening its exhilerating and buzzingly busy! The divine brings opportunities, resistance and limitations arise. Our beliefs are tested–can we open to grace? Can we allow the divine opportunities presenting, to slice through limitation? Can we slice through limitation with an open mind and heart?

The WEEKEND brings the rising energy of a waxing moon, past first quarter and into the light side. Social energy rises, and its time to share our stories past our resistance, into the truth emerging. Leo Moon brings light, and joy, playfulness and dignity, into a stressful fast-paced changing world.

FULL MOON this cycle is April 19th in Libra: (second FULL MOON in LIBRA this year!) making new partnerships and new ways of collaborating are of primary importance at this time–TWO FULL MOONS. If we didn’t get the collaborations coming up the first full moon, we have another one! Jump in–respond–write, participate with the partnerships unrolling now. We are emerging as a reflection of the soil and relations for a new world, new ways, and new lives unfurling, not only this season, but this new era too!

NEW SURFING MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Join a group of astrological surfers on Sunday Evenings to prepare for the week ahead–by seeing the energies ahead and discussing the highest navigation. This is a flight plan review–something every pilot needs before flight. If you want to join the Sunday Evening preparation crew, fill out the form below–if the form is not appearing–fill out form in ABOUT on this website. Preparing for future flight path!

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