April 2, 2019 – April is still Foolish even on April 2!

While MOON is occupying watery, blank slate holding Pisces, MERCURY CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE, the water planet, adding to our foolish communication with the unknown. “The Fool,” jumps off the cliff of the “known,” into the “unknown,” and THE FOOL is a wonderful character to honor as we are still shifting from the crumbling known old world to the unknown blank slate out of which we each form the new world here, even now, today and this year.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [6:25 pm pdt/ 7:25 pm mdt/ 8:25 pm cdt/ 9:25 pm edt] bringing the most fluid, watery, go with the flow experience.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [6:58 pm pdt/ 7:58 pm mdt/ 8:58 pm cdt/ 9:58 pm edt] offers a connection between our feelings and our thinking. It connects intention with the river of life and the fluid movement of thoughts and things. There is energy underneath form. This fluid energy is the flow of life under and throughout form.

May we communicate with poetry and flow. May we allow the water of life, to move us, from the deepest places from which this fluidic movement can spring forth. Like spring water, it cycles through the earth for a long time before spouting itself out, naturally bursting out of the ground.

The MOON is still waning, in a quiet unfolding, unwinding time, even with springs bursting forth, they bubble in the quiet time.

New Moon in Aries is this Friday April 5th. in the afternoon.

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