March 24, 2019 – Communications that Flow – Water to Fire

This past FULL MOON rose up in Libra/Aries, then MOON moved to watery Scorpio for intense focus of power, possibility of obsession or any other shadow material to have voice.

Today MOON is still in Scorpio til late tonight, when it moves to Sagittarius, carrying all the work of that Full Moon toward fiery creative inspired vision.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [12:10 am pdt/ 1:10 am mdt/ 2:10 am cdt/ 3:10 am edt] invites communications that flow. MERCURY is retrograde in Pisces, TRINING MOON in Scorpio, there’s a watery depth to everything right now. Our feelings guide the way.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [4:25 am pdt/ 5:25 am mdt/ 6:25 am cdt/ 7:25 am edt] supports a grounding of our power into form.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [10:29 am pdt/ 11:29 am mdt/ 12:29 pm cdt/ 1:29 pm edt] is the most fluid mind possible. Mercury is RETROGRADE, in Pisces, and CONUNCT the Water Planet!Our mind must change, let go of rigidities and attachments to things not working, and allow the Divine to shape the mind into what is needed for our future life.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [10:30 am pdt/ 11:30 am mdt/ 12:30 pm cdt/ 1:30 pm edt] offers a friendly linkup from larger forces to our little self–can we focus these larger forces into little creative intentions?

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [3:37 pm pdt/ 4:37 pm mdt/ 5:37 pm cdt/ 6:37 pm edt] is a big action. Right Action is called for, on behalf of our innermost self.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [7:24 pm pdt/ 8:24 pm mdt/ 9:24 pm cdt/ 10:24 pm edt] has the MOON highlighting the VENUS MARS SQUARE that was exact the day after the Spring Equinox, on Thursday. We are still coming off the “psychological work-out,” of that VENUS SQUARE MARS.

MOON enters Sagittarius [11:06 pm pdt/ 12:06 am mdt/ 1:06 am cdt/ 2:06 am edt] for a late night release of arrows from the bow of collected distilled emotional process. From all our feelings lately, we can distill arrows of vision this late night and into tomorrow!

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