MOON TRINE SATURN [1:15 AM PDT/ 2:15 AM MDT/ 3:15 AM CDT/ 4:15 AM EDT] is a grounding earthing aspect this early morning before the MOON goes VOID for most of the day!

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [1:35 am pdt/ 2:35 am mdt/ 3:35 am cdt/ 4:35 am edt] (still retrograding til March 28th). What needs to be communicated? It’s a full moon communications aspect! Re-arranging our mind is happening. May we allow mental upgrades, meditation and empowered thought.

MARS TRINE PLUTO [4:41 am pdt/ 5:41 am mdt/ 6:41 am cdt / 7:41 am edt] is empowered action in the earth. Taurus to Capricorn we are gardening the earth with our consciousness. Actions today can be transformational action. This is our power in action.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:04 am pdt/ 8:04 am mdt/ 9:04 am cdt/ 10:04 am edt] is more emphasis on personal power traction.

MOON TRINE MARS [7:10 am pdt/ 8:10 am mdt/ 9:10 am cdt/ 10:10 am edt] elicits more movement. This FULL MOON coming is an action full moon! Time for traction and action in our earth based gardens and doings.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN [7:27 am pdt/ 8:27 am mdt/ 9:27 am cdt/ 10:27 am edt] is more Retrograde connection with earthly form. How has our past prepared us for this time? We’ve been taking steps into this now place for a long time! What from our past is the secret to our success?

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [8:22 am pdt/ 9:22 am mdt/ 10:22 am cdt/ 11:22 am edt] is a stretch. Like reaching up toward the sky: there’s plenty of room to grow! We Grow! We Expand consciousness! This is the last aspect leading into today’s VOID between Virgo and Libra: just prior to a FULL MOON in Libra this evening.

MOON VOID UNTIL 6:28 pm pdt/ 7:28 pm mdt/ 8:28 pm cdt/ 9:28 pm edt] a slippery time of redoing things just before a fruition of this cycle.

SPRING EQUINOX POINT- SUN enters Aries [2:58 pm pdt/ 3:58 pm mdt/ 4:58 pm cdt/ 5:58 pm edg] from Pisces. This water to fire solar move brings creative and leadership bliss ignighted in this FULL MOON light tonight.

MOON enters Libra [6:28 pm pdt/ 7:28 pm mdt/ 8:28 pm cdt/ 9:28 pm edt] sun and moon moved into their full moon signs just before–time to big time flower our creative light! This is a full moon of unusual partnerships ! May we re-discover and freshly discover our allies!

FULL MOON (SUN OPPOSITE MOON) is at [6:43 pm pdt/ 7:43 pm mdt/ 8:43 am cdt/ 9;43 am edt] Partnerships that change our world and the world are arising to be met and celebrated!

May we find spectacular alignments with others in our life’s work here!

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