March 18, 2019 – VOID Almost FULL MOON between Earth and Fire

The MOON is waxing from Leo this morning, heading into Virgo of details today.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [2:27 am pst/ 3:27 am mst/ 4:27 am cst/ 5:27 am est] is a peak of feminine mothering sisterly love!

MOON SQUARE MARS [5:06 am pst/ 6:06 am mst/ 7:06 am cst/ 8:06 am est] is a tension to action point that highlights the MARS-VENUS SQUARE that happens along with this FULL MOON in Libra.

Though its a FULL MOON in Libra–coming–(on WEDNESDAY)–[at 6:43 pm pdt/7:43 pm mst/ 8:43 pm cst/ 9:43 pm est]–related to partnerships–the male female kind of partnerships are not necessarily the ones working well right now.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [8:19 am pdt/ 9:19 pm mdt/ 10:19 am cdt/ 11:19 edt] is a fiery expansion before today’s VOID. This is a happy expanded VOID where miracles can fit inside the day, as the MOON rises!

MOON enters Virgo, heading into practical details from the expansive VOID. [6:41 pm pdt/ 7:41 pm mdt/ 8:41 pm cdt/ 9:41 pm edt] This evening there is focus on important details of manifestation, as the MOON is rising toward FULL and this is highly fertile time in Spring.

MOON TRINE URANUS [7:39 pm pdt/ 8:39 pm mdt/ 9:39 pm cdt/ 10:39 pm edt] Virgo to Taurus is an awesome seed-planting, garden prep aspect. May we prepare our gardens with love, for the miracles they may bloom soon.

Tomorrow, MOON OPPOSES NEPTUNE, for some feelings of sailing in the unknown, following the divine within is imperative at these times. This week, FULL MOON is wednesday just before MARS SQUARE VENUS on Thursday, some important fruition and transition points this week. May the source of your guidance from within–be with you all week!
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
I’ve been moving and moving and moving and looking at land and working a new job that I took for extra money! I love the new job its made me quite endlessly busy! In the astrology area–I’ve had some clients request more information access from me and more in advance. So I’m creating a membership that will include Sunday evening weekly update calls with weather details for the week ahead. If you are interested in this new membership–stay tuned–or drop me a note–more details coming! Readings available mornings and evenings.

WOLF PACK UPDATE: we’ve found land and are working on purchasing–(yes purchasing, not renting anymore! woo hoo!) We are building an animal and farming greenhouse village! DONATIONS to FEED the PACK THIS WEEK much appreciated! CLICK HERE to contribute to feeding.