March 7, 2019 – Crescent Moon Telephone

This early fresh Pisces spring MOON is rising in its smallest place of opening, growing toward the fruition of light at Full Moon on March 20th, in early Aries Opposite Libra. This is an important time of early growth in the year-long solar seasonal cycle.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [11:08 am pst/ 12:08 pm mst/ 1:08 pm cst/ 2:08 pm est] is a communications connection from the early innocent place of growing and newness. May we allow ourselves to communicate openly and innocently. This aspect sends MOON into the VOID for about an hour.

MOON enters Aries (departing the hour-long VOID, and the sign of Pisces)–[12:27 pm pst/ 1:27 pm mst/ 2:27 pm cst/ 3:27 pm est] MOON is echoing the URANUS trail of shifting from Aries to Taurus, as the MOON passes through Aries now, then Taurs on Saturday and this weekend. This weekend is a powerful spring manifestation weekend of putting our feet on the ground of what we love and are creating this solar cycle and year.

NEPTUNE and the SUN are hangin out. The “divine flow,” is happening, perhaps outside of our small mind self’s understanding, its ok we can trust this wild river of divine flow, within and in our world.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Feelin the busy buzz of spring. I’m lovin all the readings, even amidst this buzzying business. To find a reading time and get started on a reading, CLICK HERE

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