March 6, 2019 – NEW MOON, of Spring

The NEW MOON of Spring is an important day in the yearly seasonal cycle. Its the fresh energy of spring at its new beginning in the lunar cycle of spring.

URANUS enters Taurus pre-dawn, so the communications from seed to sprout to flower are fully in motion.  The evolution of the radical leadership shake-up to the radical EARTH shake up are underway. Uranus has been dancing on this border between Aries and Taurus for months and its now back in Taurus. Time to work on food sustainability with focus.

MERCURY is RETROGRADE since yesterday, in Pisces, now for three weeks, in the realm of spirit and imagination. Our beliefs are getting an upgrade this spring season. May we release the resistance to the circular energy.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [3:26 am pst] is more action, from the sprout world.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON [8:47 am pst/ 9:47 am mst/ 10:47 am cst/ 11:47 am est] is the NEW MOON exact time. From this point, the new fresh energy is waxing again, gaining in brightness from the secret tiny dark crescent of a light now growing.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:47 am pst/ 9:47 mst/ 10:47 cst/ 11:47 est] the river has the flow of energy growing like a real river, flow, so going with the flow now should be easy, because the flow of life is teeming in the flow.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [12:56 pm pst/ 1:56 pm mst/ 2:56 pm cst/ 3:56 pm est] is a grounding aspect like seeds, digging, and preparing for new forms.

SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5 pm pst] is more flow. More expansion of our expression as the divine is ushering through us.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [9:37 pm pst/ 10:37 pm mst/ 11:37 cst/ 12:37 am late night est] is expansion, stretching toward letting more light in as it grows this cycle.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [9:41 pm pst] is more grounding of power, in small subtle ways, but very powerful, that will be seen as they grow this cycle. A powerful cycle of growth and evolution for all.
. . . . .
AUTHORS NOTE: I have free downloads for MERCURY RETROGRADE this year. Ping me for a copy. Happy New Moon! Readings available CLICK HERE to schedule


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