March 3, 2019 – Community Action Corner

MOON is waning toward the end of this lunar cycle.  Its a quiet energy, silent, yet rising in the solar cycle with light each day toward the peak of Summer Solstice in the Solar yearly cycle.

MOON in Aquarius looks toward the new era, with creative ingenuity. How to build community now?

MOON SQUARE MARS [10:53 am pst/ 11:53 am mst/ 12:53 pm cst/ 1:53 pm est] is the corner of movement. Light, selfies with the group and action.

Blessings in the sweet waning moon–quiet time. Keep your seedling secrets close to your womb and soul at this time.
. . . . 

Author’s Note: Readings; CLICK HERE to donate anything between 35-170 to get started.

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