February 3, 2019 – Aquarian Dark Moon – Last Day of Eclipse

Deep Blessings in the Dark Moon of the Eclipse.  Final Release of the death cycle.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:53 am pst/ 3:53 am mst/ 4:53 am cst/ 5:53 am est] is a corner of revolution and letting go in this final day of the eclipse cycle. There is this revolution going on, even within. This aspect is showing of this revolution and sends the moon into a small morning early VOID.

MOON enters Aquarius from the little VOID: [5:03 am pst/ 6:03 am mst/ 7:03 am cst/ 8:03 am est] We enter the morning with an Aquarius Moon. Its time for community in the changing, its time to see the community that will be ours this year. Many of us have communities we are leaving behind and communities that are a part of our future coming–more like soul family.

MERCURY SEXTILES JUPITER [1:54 pm pst/ 2:54 pm mst/ 3:54 pm cst/ 4:54 pm est] bringing a mind expansion opportunity for all of us. Meditation is good in the closing dark moon.

VENUS enters Capricorn [2:29 pm pst/ 3:29 pm mst/ 4:29 pm cst/ 5:29 pm est] for some serious work for the feminine. Organizing, and building foundation for her art and love.
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February 2, 2019 – End of the Cycle completion, Magic and Healing in the air

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [12:14 pm pst/ 1:14 pm mst/ 2:14 pm cst/ 3:14 pm est] is an intimate contact with our own power, in the MARS SQUARE, there may be challenges to “take right action,” to re-balance power in our lives. Any “misuses of power,” through or around us will call for tempering.

MOON SQUARE MARS [1:12 pm pst/ 2:12 pm mst/ 3:12 pm cst/ 4:12 pm est] is the call to right action in the middle of the day. Watch anger and volatility–we are at the end of the eclipse cycle. Two more days of the dark moon unwinding.

VENUS TRINE URANUS [3:41 pm pst/ 4:41 pm mst/ 5:41 pm cst/ 6:41 pm est] is a magical creative energy–anything is possible if we can believe it and dream it.

VENUS SQUARE CHIRON [10:51 pm pst/ 11:51 pm mst/ 12:51 am late night cst/ 1:51 am late night est] is a square of healing challenge. Healing is a natural unfolding of being connected to the divine and the whole. Naturally divine forces balance and heal things over time.  May we celebrate our ability to heal and overcome all wounds and interferences with loving wholeness.

Tomorrow the MOON enters Aquarius from Capricorn and heads toward the New Moon on Monday and the Chinese New Year!

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February 1, 2019 – Penetrating Change – Take Right Action – Balance Power

February begins with an aspect of great power: MARS SQUARE PLUTO exact in the evening: [7:20 pm pst/ 8:20 pm mst/ 9:20 pm cst/ 10:20 pm est] is a place of power facing. We must face our own power state. Where might we need an upgrade or refinement. There is the opportunity for a change of heart, or state, like from water to mist.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [10:41 pm pst/ 11:41 pm mst/ 12:41 am late night cdt/ 1:41 am est] from earth to water, the end of the cycle reminds us to look to the Mother Earth for our needs.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [10:57 am pst/11:57 am mst/ 12:57 pm cst/ 1:57 pm est] is a belief system challenge. Saturn will crush us up against the glass of our own limiting beliefs–but has the power to push us to through to the other side.
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