February 23, 2019 – Awakening Power Weekend!

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [7:11 am pst/ 8:11 mst/ 9:11 cst/ 10:11 est] is a wild movement of energy of release and freedom, of manifestation and radical shifting.

That sends the MOON into the VOID for a tiny moment between Libra and Scorpio this morning.

MOON enters Scorpio [7:56 am pst/ 8:56 am mst/ 9:56 am cst/ 10:56 am est] for a day of power. Like it or not–we each have power. Power in its pure form is really focus, soulful unfolding, the money that provides for our path, and the truth that arises in the midst of all of life.

MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO [9:18 am pst 10:18 am mst/ 11:18 am cst/ 12:18 pm est] is power in our words thoughts and communications. Today our communications have power, as always, and today there’s extra focus.

SUN TRINE MOON [4:44 pm pst/ 5:44 pm mst/ 6:44 pm cst/ 7:44 pm est] offers the solar and lunar light link. This is good for men and women and all partners to align together and co-create! 

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [7:12 pm pst/ 8:12 pm mst/ 9:12 pm cst/ 10:12 pm est] is our instinct in motion again. This can be flare-upey, so watch anger and frustration as we work out “logistics,” or details of movement with others.

Tomorrow : has trines and sextiles with outer planets, so there’s grace on Sunday–as it should be.

. . . .
Author’s Note: Click on dates to see blogs ahead.

February 22, 2019 – Corners of Love, Money, Responsibility and Communication

MOON in partnersign Libra, SQUARES SATURN of solid things in its home sign of solid things–Capricorn. [10:20 am pst/ 11:20 am mst/ 12:20 pm cst/ 1:20 pm est] Responsibility for our clear intention. (and for always emptying the trash in all ways). 

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER [12:40 pm pst/ 1:40 pm mst/ 2:40 pm cst/ 3:40 pm est] is a communications stretch–perhaps so much happening at once–there’s juggling of the mind and focus. May we focus where there is easing up or fluid forward motion of the path–into the openings that seem lighter, more open, more colorful.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [4:56 pm pst/ 5:56 pm mst/ 6:56 pm cst/ 7:56 pm est] is this good feeling after we “stretched” and communicated into the stretch with others where called, where inspired, and where opened.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [6:46 pm pst/ 7:46 pm mst/ 8:46 pm cst/ 9:46 pm est] is a corner of love, creativity, comfort and homing. There’s work to do–to move in our love–forward–into the flowering solar cycle, even as the lunar energy wanes.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:52 pm pst/ 7:52 pm mst/ 8:52 pm cst/ 9:52 am est] is a transformative piece of work. Inner to outer, death to life, from challenge to rest. Can we breathe through the unfolding transitions of these times. Can we listen to the source of power within us? it knows how to act and move in these times.

TOMORROW: MOON OPPOSITE URANUS in the morning offers a radical shift like lightning striking–movement–changes! Wow! Then MOON enters Scorpio tomorrow for the rest of the day–of our power–focused for our own good and the benefit of all. We are learning to use power WITH others not OVER others.
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February 21, 2019 – Soulful Partners

MOON enters Libra this morning, for an open day. There are no active planetary aspects today–after yesterday’s so much going on! Libra is airy, light and interested in others!

Libra–is so like a good friend. 

The MOON is waning, after peaking full in the Virgo-Pisces axis/realms. The FULL MOON –in the areas of detail, and healing is still lighting up the three day on either side–portal.

Virgo can be associated directly with Chiron, and secondarily with Mercury. I enjoy the clear connection between Chiron, now in Aries, and its ruling sign of the balancing, healing sign of Virgo. (not only God, also balance and healing arise out of attention to details). God is in the details.

Today–take a deep breath–for tomorrow is another busy day of many aspects! 
. . . . .
Author’s Note: This year has been a marathon. Its an improvement from the marathon of last year at this time, however, I’ve been running running the wolf dog marathon! I have free gifts and a whole year of interesting energy description–today–i’ll get a little ahead–so you’ll be able to click on at least one or two days ahead! Because of the inspiration of one astrology client who is an “energy sensitive,” he would like this information in advance–which is often intended and then the wolf marathon ensues!

After years of running this well-deserved-mission-driven-marathon–its bearing the fruit of more understanding, and more stability amidst that marathon! So stay tuned! A weekly audio podcast about the week ahead, and a few other surprises that were planned a long time ago–just take their time–coming.

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February 20, 2019 – Full Moon Portal with Multi-Contact

The FULL MOON was yesterday morning–in details-of-our-dreams–Virgo with the Full Sun growing our dreams in Pisces. This is a portal of growth so strong! There is a three day portal with FULL MOON on the middle day. (Today still in the potent portal or: tightest ring)–then three days on either side there’s this wider portal, open bringing a mini season of fruition or “seeing”.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:22 am pst/ 8:22 am mst/ 9:22 am cst/ 10:22 am est] Brings a path “into the unknown!” Ooooh maybe we cannot seeeeee? It’s ok!! Just follow the feelings toward the better feelings–as we do each have an internal compass-and each one functions a little differently and we can all “feel our way through the unknown!”

MOON TRINE SATURN [9:32 am pst/ 10:32 am mst/ 11:32 am cst/ 12:32 pm est] is a sweet song from earth to the inner heaven. Earth to our “inner higher self,” : “it’s landing time!”

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [11:11 am pst/ 12:11 pm mst/ 1:11 pm cst/ 2:11 pm est] (near Neptune) offers communications that may be “confusing in some way,” due to Neptune’s gift of “the unknown,” and still they are clear directional guides. (For example a snow storm causes me to stay in a place longer–this opens mystery and possibility–though to what is unknown.)

MOON TRINE VENUS [1:44 pm pst/ 2:44 pm mst/ 3:44 pm cst/ 4:44 pm est] is the balm on all the other energies of opposition or testing toward clearer vision. This Trine is creative and soothing like a best female friend. Today is our test of faith and direction possible then the affection of the Mother Earth, or her people. Affection and Creativity soothe the feeling hearts of beings.

FULL MOON SQUARE JUPITER [3:41 pm pst/ 4:41 pm mst/ 5:41 pm cst/ 6:41 pm est] reveals a “stretch,” into faith based following of the step by step details that were and are revealed now.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [5:52 pm pst/ 6:52 pm mst/ 7:52 pm cst/ 8:52 pm est] is a deep soulful connection or divine sacred power contact–as we move forward inside this portal of light!

May we remember and focus the power of energetically potent times like this!

Authors Note: Wow! Incredible times! I love being in the middle of the snowstorm even though I didn’t plan for it or know it was coming! I had run off to look for Magnolia mama wolf. Now I’m on a big white weeklong adventure with all kinds of openings I didn’t know were coming!

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February 19, 2019 – FULL MOON in the Details of Your Dreams

THIS FULL MOON, exact this morning, is the FULL MOON of the detail of our DREAMS. That means that this Full Moon harvested, and brought to fruition, the focus that we have right now. Where are we going? Have we been clear with the fabric of life, about the “details of our dreams?”

If we’ve been clear about “where we are going,” and “what we are doing,” then its unfolding and manifestation is on its way, and this lit up day at the peak of this lunar cycle, shall reveal to us, the tips of this unfolding.

MOON TRINE URANUS [5:51 am pst/ 6:51 am mst/ 7:51 am cst/ 8:51 am est] sends the moon into a short morning VOID, of releasing, and inviting new energies in, just before moon moves into its FULL MOON sign of Virgo (all the little details realm manager). [6:47 am pst/ 7:47 am mst/ 8:47 am cst/ 9:47 am est] This magical VOID before this FULL MOON in this early morning offers allyship that is quite tight, with the invisible world, our creator and our angelic guides. They are with us especially in this cycle of emerging creative discipline to our dreams.

todays EXACT FULL MOON point: SUN OPPOSITE MOON (pisces to virgo) [7:53 am pst/ 8:53 am mst/ 9:53 am cst/ 10:53 am est] is the peak this morning. All that we need to “see,” to unfold the next two weeks as we come down off the peak–should be visible today. This FULL MOON of details can “light up,” for us the step by step detailed path of how we will step the path to our correct manifestation of our inner dreams. The things we truly desire are authentic callings and the details of how we get there are revealing themselves today–in this FULL MOON in Virgo.

MOON (now brimming full with LIGHT) TRINES MARS, for instinctive actions that are before the mind. The mind is a journalist to our body and instinct in this case. The mind does NOT know where we are going or how to get there, it can only take notes as we “follow our instinct and inner knowing,” so much more subtle than the mind can “see.” Handle your mind with tender peace-invoking gloves of light, soothe it, as you follow your instinct, into the “unknown-to-your-mind-territory,” ask it to just watch and enjoy the miracles as they unfold, “taking notes along the way.”

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN [6:39 pm pst/ 7:39 pm mst/ 8:39 pm cst/ 9:39 pm est] is a communications grounding energy. Communications are airy, non-physical things. When they ally with the physical world, they touch down into form and we have poems, books, and blogs. May we debug and blog our best self today!  HAPPY FULL MOON! HAPPY FRUITION! HAPPY CELEBRATION OF THE LIGHT as we see clearly and can move forward in this clear light.
. . . . . .
Wow! Things are happening fast now–just as the FULL MOON will reveal the steps before us–we too have our steps revealed before us in gathering the WHOLE HEART of A WOLF PACK, back together again. This is a magnificent feat of love and compassion, of re-union and healing. Never have I imagined such loss and re-gain, such a journey for the psyche–such humility of the divine–was possible.  This journey of steps to my manifest dreams, of steps to your manifest dreams, is real.

Please join us–by getting an astrology reading that focuses purely on YOUR PATH, your DREAMS UNFOLDING and supports you in releasing all focus of attention that does not serve this manifestation. These readings provide clarity wherever needed and allow you to “clean out,” the bad details and focus on the ones that take you to your right path. sliding Scale: [$35-$170] CLICK HERE to donate and get started–your donations for readings go toward the regathering of the WOLF PACK, every step. Thank you. and Bless us all on our right path of divine manifestation. 

WOLF PACK UPDATE: Magnolia was spotted after spending the winter in a pristine wilderness area. We are speaking with animal communicators each day now–its sooo cool–one can see through her eyes! (and feel her feelings) She is lonely and wants to be reunited with her pack. She did not go with her puppies when they were stolen from her because she saw and smelled “death,” on the place where they were going and she knew she could not go to this “place of death.” (the wolf sanctuary where her stolen puppies where taken–right in front of her). I’m on her trail and will go today to spend time looking for her at the end of a snowy road. I want you to know there is a way of being where you “give everything to your dreams and goals.” I have done that with this pack. For example, when I heard that Magnolia had been spotted, I jumped in my car and headed to Pagosa Springs to look for her again. She called, I responded. I didn’t wait for funding. I didn’t limit myself because I had “not money,” I spent one dollar to fill my tank and started asking for support as I drove down the road. One ally donated for a hotel room as a snow storm hit when I landed. I am asking you for support in this path of finding Magnolia and to help feed the pack that Darrein is caring for today. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN and PASS THE WORD. We are worth your support as we are giving EVERYTHING we have to these animals and this pack and you will get to see the magnificent story come to its reunion. What a beautiful time! Please join us in this journey to completion! CLICK to DONATE HERE (any amount)