January 31, 2019 – Grounded, Fluid, Creative, Awakening like Mist Lifting off a River-Action to Shift Power Tomorrow

As we cross from January to February–in this crossing is a BIG POWER SHIFT. May we support one another in radical shifting. 

SATURN SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:15 am pst/ 7:15 am mst/ 8:15 am cst/ 9:15 est] is a sweet fluid and grounded aspect. Rivers don’t have to work hard, they just flow.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [9:35 am pst/ 10:35 am mst/ 11:35 am cst/ 12:35 pm est] offers creative bliss, and sweet quiet inward enjoyment from our own art.  May we re-member our deep soul arts and bring them forth in the quiet times.

MOON TRINE URANUS [2:33 pm pst/ 3:33 pm mst/ 4:33 pm cst/ 5:33 pm est] opens a magic portal in the VOID. URANUS can open the “invisible world.” This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID for two hours. This may be a magical VOID where anything is possible. It may be a pause in the day or a time to redo something.

MOON enters earthy capricorn, the place of the limitations, over-comings and achievements of the third dimension. [4:47 pm pst/ 5:47 pm mst/ 6:47 pm cst/ 7:47 pm est]

Its time for radical solutions to radical problems and quiet ones to quiet problems. MARS SQUARE’s PLUTO tomorrow [7:20 pm pst in the evening] This corner can have anger, or radical actions to be taken to cross and overcome this power shift square.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: 

READINGS: I did not have phone service for a long time and couldn’t do readings during the peak of the eclipse due to this.  I have phone service again! As I return to doing readings I’m setting a schedule of MORNING READINGS:  I’m available for readings ONE per DAY: [7-8 am pst/ 8-9 am mst/ 9-10 am cst/ 11am est] Send me your day choice to azlanwhite@gmail.com

New Years Update! (free gifts): Due to the Eclipse, there was death and dissolution to deal with. I’m feeling this CHINESE NEW YEAR, coming at the New Moon, following the eclipse to be–for me–like a better new year time!  I think for many of you too–you might like to do it again (the new year) at the New Moon coming: February 4th!

FREE GIFTS; PLEASE JOIN ME ON THE CHINESE NEW YEAR, February 4th, in Santa Fe at Paradiso from 5-6 pm for a sharing on the Year of the Female Earth Pig, and the general transitional nature of this year. I will offer some mythic markers of past and future to assist in understanding the giant infrastructure shift we are in. This shift is: on a level of how we as human beings structure ourselves in form. There are a few easy indicators that reveal wisdom in the changing.  The event is FREE, it is a THANK YOU and an opportunity to celebrate my time in Santa Fe. I love this place, though my path leads me away, it is an anchor of love.

DIGITAL GIFTS: Some of you received the Mercury Retrograde planning pdf, the Eclipse one was Eclipsed in the move. With a little more grounding thanks to John Meade’s temple house –I’m re-surfacing all the gift material, both 3-D and digital! 

Meditation on “stuff” and shifting infrastructure: Stuff seems to be kind of a burden in these times–if it isn’t just “in its place,” like a lamp that needs to be there. May we all release all the unnecesary “things,” to be recycled into the ability to transition from old world infrastructure to new world infrastructure. I feel myself in that kind of “infrastructure change” now and know we are all up to this, like it or not, know it or not. I’m in that shift–and I feel the part that wants to hold on to the old life, as well as the fresh opening life in the future. I’m so grateful to those who are assisting me in this big life transition of shifting from this west coast, to east coast.