January 19, 2019 – Rising in FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE tomorrow – death/rebirth/reset energy

MOON in Cancer today SQUARE MARS in its home sign of Aries is an activator. We are called into action today. Movement is Mars’ solution. Movement is cleansing, healing and re-defining. The move we keep moving, the more we stay “in rythm,” and the more we allow things that do not “move with us,” to fall away.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [5:48 pm pst/ 6:48 pm mst/ 7:48 pm cst/ 8:48 pm est] is a personal challenge to maturity, boundaries, planning, and “laying the tracks,” for the life we know we are creating from within. We may need to overcome limitations in our mind. Where we limit ourselves in our mind, we suffer, where we can “open that mental belief that limits us,” and expand past it, we open beyond suffering. 

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [7:20 pm pst/ 8:20 pm mst/ 9:20 pm cst/ 10:20 pm est] is a soft fluid energy coming to soften the edges of all the change. There is big change within us, and all around. Big change is uncomfortable for the “small self,” so many are uncomfortable in the eclipse change portal. However we can reassure our small selves, that the changes are melting away the old harsh outdated reality for a new fresh one. The new reality is unknown, however its beauty reflects our heart’s desires, so we can trust the new, and let go of the old.

THE FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE SUPERMOON, WOLF MOON is tomorrow, Sunday night [7:54 pm pst/ 8:54 pm mst/ 9:54 pm cst/ 10:54 pm est] Today–the day before–is equally as important–as there’s important movement today. Lots of movement that is within this change portal of the eclipse.

This eclipse tomorrow is in the early baby degrees of Leo, reflecting to the baby early degrees of Aquarius. We are in the baby steps of the New Era, since 2012. Its so tiny we cannot yet see it.This year number 7 is an important year in the final stages of “laying the tracks for the new era,” as in creating that era in our minds and hearts as we walk this in-between time.
The first seven years are setting the early form of this next era. It is a post military-industrial-complex era. It is post-patriarchal. It is the evolution beyond and following those epochs. May we open our minds to the wisdom of the heart in our creation this change time.